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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#Review - Orchid Origami Paper - Non-Candy Easter Gift Idea

We discovered the art of Origami years ago.  We love to fold and make lots of different creations by just using a piece of paper.  Even if you have never heard of origami, you may have done some paper folding yourself.  Ever create a football, then sent it flying a schoolmate?  You've done origami!

We were so happy to receive a huge package of 500 origami sheets of paper from Orchid to review.  The ten different colors are so vibrant and make origami designs just light up.

Above you can see all ten of the beautiful colors that come in the Orchid package.  One side of the paper is colored, the other side is pure white.  The origami creation you see above sporting all of the colors is the fortune teller fold.  Perhaps you did this in school along with creating a football?

These are high quality papers that are non-toxic and durable.  Paper folding is fun, and everyone can get involved, from preschool on up.  It's perfect for home schoolers (yes, regular schools, too), for teachers, or for just having fun at home.

These papers have just the right amount of thickness that allows you to bend, fold, and manipulate the paper just the way it needs to be, to your desired effect, without any superficial tearing.  If you play with the papers numerous times, as with any origami paper, it can tear after a while.

With your purchase of the Orchid Origami Paper, comes an eBook jammed full of different designs from beginner to pro.  The package does come with one design, the star which is an easy fold to do.  I find this design is perfect to put up on the walls for birthday parties and will be making plenty of these in red, white, and blue for Independence Day.

Here are two more advanced origami designs that one of my daughters created.  The tulip is a moderate skill design, but the daffodil is an expert design.  It took my daughter two days to get this one right.  These are just made of paper - there is no glue, no staples, no tape - just folded paper.  She plans on making more tulips in a bunch of different colors, and a few more diffy daffy daffodils next week to decorate the house for Easter.

Speaking of Easter, a package of Orchid Origami sheets would be a great non-candy gift for your child's basket this year.  It will provide hours of entertainment, and your child will learn a new craft as well.  Origami is about having fun, creating something new, and sharing your creations with friends and loved ones.

Orchid Origami Paper needs no glue, tape, strong, or wire; just pull out the folding sheets you like, follow the simple directions, and in no time you'll have created a unique work of art!  Though paper may be simple, origami exemplifies the ability of the human mind to solve problems and create beautiful harmony. Not only will you and others who are folding feel relaxed and peaceful while crafting, you'll find new and interesting ways to create all kinds of new creatures and objects.

Here at our house, we enjoy folding and creating great little works of origami art.  Get Orchid Origami Paper Today!  Discover for yourself how much fun it is or for a non-candy Easter gift to tuck into a special someone's Easter Basket.  You can be young, old, a novice, or an experienced folder, but no matter what, you'll have fun and can find enjoyment from this unique paper crafting experience.

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