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Friday, March 20, 2015

#review - Reorganizing Drawers with the 5-Slot Bamboo Drawer Organizer from KD Organizers

There is one drawer in the house that collects all the clutter - our junk drawer.  It is the messiest drawer in the house.  I have been wanted to get it organized, but never had the time.  Well, I did make the time since I got a new 5-Slot Bamboo Drawer Organizer.

This 5-slot organizer made from earth-friendly bamboo is made by KD Organizers.  It measures 13.5 in. x 11.88 in. x 2.5 in. deep, and will fit in most drawers.  It is a very sturdy organizer that can be used for utensils or for a junk drawer like mine!

Here is our catch-all drawer.  I think the kitchen sink is in there, too, but it must be hidden under all that other stuff.  It's just a complete mess.  It took me and my son about three hours to go through the drawer, throwing things away that we no longer needed or was broken, and putting things back in their proper places.  Plus I found the AAA batteries that I knew I had, but didn't know where they were in the drawer.

Here's the drawer now well organized.  I have separated out the pencils, pens, and the colored pens.  I have a nice place to put the scissors now.  The longest slot will fit most rulers, and I put a few in there.  It feels really nice to go to the drawer, open it, and find exactly what I want.  No more digging!

This is really a very nice drawer organizer.  (A picture of the bottom is above).  Being made from sustainably harvested bamboo, it is not only Eco-friendly, but a bit water-resistant (bamboo is naturally water-resistant).

I used it for organizing my junk drawer, but as a silverware tray, it would be superb as well.

Are you getting ready to reorganize some drawers or need to?  KD Organizers 5-Slot Bamboo Drawer Organizer just might be the drawer organizer for you.  With its stylish good looks, it's perfect for your kitchen storage needs.  Great for the bathroom, too!  Purchase at Amazon.

The KD Organizers are made by Lake House Products which was founded with the belief that products should be of the highest quality.  They remember when products were meant to last a lifetime, not like many of the cheap products on the market today. They strive to constantly bring new and better products to the market.  If something does go wrong, the customer should have their problem fixed.  This is how they guarantee their products, and this is how Amazon is set up to handle customer returns.  Fast, Easy, and Painless.

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