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Friday, March 13, 2015

#Review - Steep Your Loose Teas with Leaffusion

Loose teas are fascinating to use and brew.  Since I have been getting loose teas recently, I needed a good tea infuser.  I went downtown to to look, but was very unsatisfied with the one wimpy flimsy selection that everyone seemed to have.  I wanted a good one - one that will last me for years.  From Leaffusion comes one of the best tea infusers I have yet to come across.

The Leaffusion Tea Infuser is a three piece set.  The bottom is made , inert, food-grade stainless steel and the cute top and drip tray are made of BPA-free silicone that won't interfere with the flavor of your beverage.

The stainless steel infuser has micro-punched holes that won't allow the tea leaves to slip through.  The arrangement of the extra small holes provides for the proper steeping of tea which is essential for a flawless result.

Leaffusion's carefully designed infusion device provides plenty of room for expansion along with gentle agitation to release the full complement of nutrients and anti-oxidants from loose leaf tea.

You can notice from the above picture that the infuser allows for the tea to brew well.  I did discover after using the Leaffusion a few times, that you must shake it gently to release all the air that gets trapped in the top.

Here is my tea brewed to perfection!  With this infuser from Leaffusion, you can also stretch your teas to go further.  Specialty and artisan teas should last longer so you get maximum enjoyment from each leaf. With this tea infuser, you can steep leaves a second time to coax out every drop of flavor.

Once your tea is finished brewing, just set the infuser onto the little drip tray that is included in this set.  Let it cool first before you clean it - it is still hot from your freshly brewed tea.

Other benefits of the Leaffusion Tea Infuser: it's easy to clean and dishwasher safe; it is ideal for use of both medium and course teas; and the package makes it easy to wrap for gift giving.  The quaint, leaf inspired handle is molded in a comfortable shape which reminds you to stop and savor all the beautiful teas that Our Lord has provided us with.

Capture the full flavor of loose leaf teas with the Leaffusion Tea Infuser - Buy It Today at Amazon!  This tea infuser comes with a 100% Lifetime Warranty, and will make a cherished gift for all of the tea enthusiasts in your life!

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