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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

#Review - X-Loop Sports Sunglassses

Living out in the desert, the sun can get pretty bright, and I find that it's necessary to protect my eyes from the sun's harmful rays.  But it really doesn't matter where you live - your eyes need protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Here's a great pair of sunglasses that I received to review from X-Loop.  They are essentially sunglasses that you can wear when you are skiing, but these snug fit sunglasses will stay on with whatever sport you do.

The lenses are dark enough to protect your eyes from the UV rays of the sun.

The hinges are very well made, and they will not break easily.  Another great feature to these X-Loop Sunglasses is that the nose piece is adjustable.  It's metal and can be bent to your width of nose.  Makes these sunglasses even more comfortable.

The X-Loop Sunglasses come with a great case that is felt lined to protect and preserve them.

The biggest plus to these sunglasses?  They make you look super cool!

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I really love these glasses!  These glasses are my perfect partner for keeping the sun's glare out of my eyes.  Being a desert dweller, the sun gets to be so glaring and bright.  I know that it is best for me to protect my eyes for whatever I do - be it just gardening, cycling, or going snow skiing, and I know I can depend upon these glasses.  They fit perfectly, a nice snug fit, that won't fall off no matter what I do - looking down to weed the garden or flying down a mountain on my skis.

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