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Saturday, April 11, 2015

#Review - #Zubels Lil' Dimples - Sweet Little 100% Cotton Hand Crocheted Dolls

Introducing the cutest little hand crocheted dolls around - Lil' Dimples from Zubels.  These little dolls are made of 100% cotton yarn and are all crocheted by hand.  They are suitable for all ages.

Currently, Zubels has ten of the adorable 4-inch dolls available.  They sent me the cute Lil' Dimples Bella Ballerina to review.

Bella Ballerina Lil' Dimples is a darling little doll.  The hand crochet is very well done - nice and tight stitching with nothing loose.  There is a cute little bow at the top of her head circling a bun in her hair.  On one side of her head, you see cute little pin curls adorning her face.  Her little tutu goes all the way around.

There is a little loop on the back of the doll right under her head.  This is there on all the Lil' Dimples so that you can use it on back packs, zipper pulls, or put them on a mobile.  Another great way to use the loop is as a gift tie-on for baby showers or birthdays.  Thinking about Lil' Dimples, they would also make great Christmas ornaments.

All of the fun Lil' Dimples will make a big hit with children.  They are safe for all ages, but for babies, be sure to take the tag off.  Being made with 100% soft organic cotton yarn and uses eco-friendly low-impact dyes, Zubel's Lil' Dimples is a toy I know will be safe for my granddaughter to play with.  Each and every one of them is a handcrafted treasure made in China.  They are also all hand stuffed, too.

You can purchase a Lil' Dimple online right at  Order today and enjoy 25% off when you use the code RS25.  I believe this code is good all through the month of April.

I will be giving Lil' Dimples Bella Ballerina to my granddaughter for her first birthday.  Which one is your favorite?

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