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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ultimate Camera Protection - Miggo Strap & Wrap - Mother's Day Event #Review & Giveaway - ends 5/3/15 US

My Nikon is very important to me.  As a mom, I have taken many portraits of my kids with my Nikon.  I want my camera to last a long time, but because the camera is used almost daily, I want it as protected as I can keep it.  Lucky for me and my Nikon, I found Miggo.

The Miggo Strap and Wrap is the most unique protective casing and strap that I have ever found.  It is unique in the fact that the padded strap wraps around the camera to protect it when it is put away.

Here is my Nikon all wrapped up, or cocooned, in the Miggo Strap and Warp.  It is snuggled inside its wrapping keeping it more protected than without.  My camera, when put away, is in my camera bag, but almost daily, it is sitting on the table before me as I am taking pictures of review items, perhaps the kids have found something they find interesting outside to take a picture of, or there are some Marines outside flying around (my husband likes to get pictures of our Marines training).   So the inbetween times, the camera is sitting out on the table.  Now it's all wrapped up in the Miggo more protected that it ever has been.

When the Miggo has been unwrapped, it becomes a cross body strap.  I have found that this is the most convenient and the most comfortable way to carry the camera around.  I have really never liked camera straps that just go around the neck.  When I am in a hurry to catch a shot, running while holding the camera in front of me is not comfortable.  Now, with the camera at my side, it is so much easier to hold onto - like a purse.  Unlike my purse, this strap is padded with energy-absorbing neoprene, making the weight of the camera hardly noticeable.

Here is the Miggo once I took it out of the box.  It is quite different than what I was used to.   As you can see, the strap does a high quality zipper up the middle for the wrapping of the camera.

First I had to take off my old camera strap (which is now going to our binoculars).  Then you must line it up at the end of the Miggo to have it screwed in place.  It took me a little time to be sure that I had the camera just where it needed to be so that when I wrapped the strap around the camera, it wrapped perfectly.

The Miggo comes with a screw and a special nut to attach the strap to your camera.  It does not attach to your camera as a traditional camera strap does.  The screw attaches at the bottom where you would attach a tripod stand.  Don't worry - you do not have to take the Miggo off to put your camera on a tripod.  Just screw the tripod attachment into the screw for the Miggo strap.

Here is another extra to the Miggo - it has a pocket just to store your lens cap.  No more do I have to put the cap into my pocket (did I put it in my pocket or somewhere else??).  It will now be in the same spot every time.

When the Miggo is attached, it will be able to swivel around.

As you can see, the end of the strap where you attach the camera has a bunch of holes.  This is so that you can align your camera with the strap so that it will get wrapped just right by the Miggo.  All attached the way that I want it.  It isn't straight on the Miggo this way, but in order for the strap to wrap right around my big Tamron lens, I need to turn the strap around.

I then start wrapping the Miggo around my camera.  As you can see, the strap is now centered well with the camera.

I wrap it around, and flip the strap over the lens.  The Miggo is now in full protection mode.  The Miggo will protect your camera from scratches and damage.

I feel very confident striding around the rural desert with the Miggo Strap & Wrap at my side.  It's so much more comfortable than my old strap, and very easy to work with.  Plus, when I go on day trips, I no longer have to lug around my big camera bag.  Thank you, Miggo, for coming up with the best strap in the world!

I reviewed the Miggo DSLR Strap and Wrap which is the world’s first camera strap that morphs into a protective case. Comfortably carry your DSLR or Bridge (Superzoom) camera across your torso. When done shooting, just wrap Miggo around your camera and slip it into your personal bag to protect it from scratches and impact.  It comes in 7 different colors and patterns.  The one that I received is "Royal Wings."  Check out Miggo's full line of products.

After many years of working for one of the world’s leading camera bag manufacturers, developing countless bestselling camera bags, the people behind miggo discovered that many photo enthusiasts would love to find a simpler solution for carrying a camera than a cumbersome camera bag.  They found that many people leave their camera at home because they don’t feel like carrying a camera bag in addition to their personal bag. They thought this was an issue worth dealing with. That is how miggo was born.

With so many thanks to Miggo, one person is going to win a Strap and Wrap for a DSLR or for a mirrorless CSC or superzoom (bridge) camera (arv: $50).

This giveaway is open to US residents 18+ only, and will end on May 3, 2015.  Only one entry of a blog post comment is required, all other entries are optional.  The more you enter, the better your chances of winning!  Be sure to bookmark this page to come back for your daily bonus entries.

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