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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wordless Wednesday with Linky - Just a Few of the Neighborhood Girls - April 15, 2015

Besides starting the Mother's Day Event this week, nothing much has happened.  I thought I should share a picture of the girls that have been all over my garden - to be more specific - Ladybugs!  They have been voraciously eating all the little bugs that are all over my roses and my sunflowers.  I caught a shot of a beautiful red ladybug aside an ashy gray ladybird beetle.

Eat all the little vermin you want, girls!  Your welcome in my neighborhood.

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  1. Nice Ladybird captures :-)

    Have a leaftastic week :-)

  2. We get those by the tons when warm weather arrives. I mean literally tons of them, they get in the house too and I have to shoo them out for days.

  3. Happy Wednesday and thank you for hosting! xx Ashleigh @SimplyWright

  4. They say Ladybugs are good for the flowers. We don't put flowers on our property because I'm allergic to bees and so is my son, not sure about the other children they never been bitten. I didn't know beetles look so much like lady bugs. Thanks for sharing.

  5. They are so pretty and important! Lovely photos =)


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