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Friday, May 29, 2015

Show Dad How Much He's Loved With a Wood Watch from Jord - Father's Day Gift #Review

Looking for a great gift for Dad this Father's Day?  Express your love with a wood watch from Jord.  A watch from Jord not only will it give Dad the most accurate of time, but will give him that upscale hip style.

Jord Watches sent me a Sully Series Wood Watch to review for Father's Day gift giving.  It's simply a handsome watch that is crafted out of real cherry wood.   Jord Watches are modern timepieces that reflect our lifestyle of today.  Wood is a material that not only has a classy natural look, but is a totally renewable resource.  Jord takes this natural wood to create beautiful timepieces.

The Sully Series from Jord is really a beautiful watch.  My husband, who got this for an early Father's Day gift, is truly admires his new watch.  The Sully integrates complimentary and contrasting wood of smooth on the outside to grainy inside the bezel gives this watch a vivid and varies effect.  The Sully gives you large face numbers and glow-in-the-dark effects on the hands are big pluses with my husband.  The cut out bezel, crystal clear crystal, and the sparkling chrome add a lot of style to this watch.

- Deployment Buckle with Push Button
- Stratch Resistant Mineral
- Citizen Miyota Quartz Movement (2035)
- Case Width: 49mm
- Case Thickness: 12mm
- Lug Ends: 56mm
- Band Length: 214mm
- Band Thickness: 25mm
- Splash proof, but not waterproof

My husband really likes the buckle on the watch.  He says that it is so easy to open and click it shut.  For a few years now, he has had an old Velcro watch (which I greatly disliked) since it was easy to get off and on.  The Jord buckle is so easy to work and my husband is now wearing a watch once more wherever he goes.

My husband wanted to have some fun with his new Jord Sully, that he and my son went car shopping with it.

My son, who is really into cars, modeled and took the pictures on his phone for his dad and me, felt impressive with the watch on.  Looking and checking out the 392 HEMI engine was a real delight for him.

My son really made an impression while wearing the watch.  The salesman was trying to score a deal on this Challenger.

Father's Day Gift Idea!

My husband loves his Father's Day present.  He says he feel GQ while wearing it!  If your looking for an impressive gift to show dad how much he's loved, then a Jord Wood Watch is what you are looking for.  The Sully is just one of the fascinating modern timepieces that you will find Jord.  It will make dad feel like a million bucks, plus he'll think of you as he checks the time.  Comes handsomely gift boxed!

Wood Watches by JORD
Jord is a collective of artists, designers, and seasoned watchsmiths. Every watch series is planned with the expectation of delivering visible craftsmanship and unyielding utility.  Each watch style is guided by a deep appreciation for natural elements and modern design.  Wood is not just a component of their watches, it is the main feature.  The intricacy and multiplicity of the woods that Jord utilizes in their designs insure that each watch is as distinctive as the owner.  Jord owners don't just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go. They believe their watches tell more than time.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Revolutionary New Camera Carrier from miggo Debuting On Kickstarter - AGUA IPX3 Storm Proof Holster #Review

I've really had a great time carrying my Nikon D40 around with my miggo Strap and Wrap which was featured during my Mother's Day Event this year.  Having a strap that doubles as a protective cover is really cool.  It was just a year ago that miggo began their first Kickstarter to fun their Strap and Wrap.  Now miggo has launched a new revolutionary camera carrier that will change the industry.

Launching on Kickstarter today is miggo's latest greatest camera carrier, the AGUA.  The AGUA ("Water" in Spanish) is an IPX3-standard storm-resistant camera-carrier. It is different than common water-resistant camera carriers because it allows intuitive quick-drawing of the camera. The AGUA's special structure allows the photographer to comfortably carry his camera close to the body in any weather - rain, snow, sandstorm or even in a dense urban environment, without worrying about the fate of his expensive equipment - and draw it quickly and with ease at the right moment to capture a perfect shot.

miggo AGUA storm-proof quick-draw camera carrier from mymiggo on Vimeo.

miggo kindly sent me the AGUA to see for myself what a great new camera carrier this is.   I have totally replaced the Strap and Wrap, and my camera is now housed in the only case that it will ever need - the AGUA.  It is just as simple to use as the video above describes.

Comfortable to carry.

 Simple and quick to get the camera out.

Ready to get that shot.

Why is the AGUA a great camera carrier?  Because when the photographer draws the camera it stays connected and protected from falling, if for any chance the camera slips out of his hands.  The photographer can choose to disconnect the camera completely by unlatching it.  

The latches on the AGUA that I have will be upgraded in the final production from a simple latch to a locking latch.  

The AGUA provides excellent double-layer protection against water and impact, thanks to an outer layer of waterproof tarpaulin in matte black, and a padded inner layer of Neoprene and Lycra.  The zipper won't let any water in the carrier as it's a water-proof YKK AquaGuard quality zipper.

Get involved!  The AGUA Kickstarter Promotion has started.  miggo offers the AGUA models on Kickstarter, at prices that are significantly lower than their expected market price, so now's a chance to pick up the next revolutionary miggo product for less.  The AGUA is offered today in a discreet black-blue color combination, in 3 different sizes – all designed to carry a camera with one lens:

  • AGUA 25 for small super-zoom or large mirrorless cameras.
  • AGUA 35 for large super-zoom cameras or mid-size DSLRs.
  • AGUA 45 for pro-DSLRs (such as the Canon D5).

miggo was recently established  by a group of people who worked together at KATA Bags and Manfrotto.  About a year ago, miggo successfully launched its first round of products on Kickstarter – the Strap and Wrap and Grip and Wrap series – comfortable camera straps which morph into protective carriers. The Kickstarter campaign received great responses from users and professional magazines and websites alike.  Now miggo products are marketed successfully in over 30 countries with enthusiastic reactions.

Storm Proof?  Yes!
Camera Quick Draw?  Sure!
Looks Amazing?  You Bet!

Connect with miggo on Facebook

I purposely wet the AGUA with my Nikon inside.  Did I worry? No.  Was my camera protected from getting wet?  Absolutely!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

#Review - Authentic Woven Tencel Super Silky Soft Luxury Bed Sheet Set

How would you love to have the softest most silkiest sheets to sleep on every night?  I've recently acquired a set that is so wonderful to sleep with that is 100% tencel fabric.

These wonderful silky soft sheets from Yorkshire Mayfair are 100% tencel fabric.  Tencel is a man made fabric that dates back to the 1980s.  It is made from wood pulp from sustainable forest so it is environmentally friendly.  The fibers are super smooth, so the fabric ends up feeling like a super silky rayon, that is about the only similarity it has with rayon.  Tencel is resistant to wrinkles, is machine washable, and is fairly durable.

Tencel is also very skin friendly.  Since tencel is silky soft and smooth, , it is easy on the skin and does not irritate.  Tencel is also moisture wicking.  It can absorb moisture easily then lets the moisture easily escape keeping you feeling cool.  With the moisture management of the tencel fibers, bacteria really doesn't stand a chance of growing.  It's a pretty remarkable fabric.

These Yorkshire Mayfair sheets, made with 100% tencel fabric, is just what is needed for the long hot summer months ahead.  It's already hot here in the desert, and these sheets do help to keep us cool.  It's a great set.  The bottom sheet can fit up to a 16" mattress - that's deep pockets!  I received a queen set, and it fits my queen set perfectly.  We are really happy with this sheet set.

These Tencel Sheet Set is from Yorkshire Mayfair and are sold exclusively at Amazon.  If you love incredibly soft sheets, then I highly recommend you get a set.  A sheet set is also a great wedding present, house warming gift, or even for Father's Day coming up.  Even dad likes to sleep on soft sheets!

I received a sheet set from Yorkshire Mayfair in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I received no other compensation.

Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants From kaboom! Entertainment - DVD #Review & #Giveaway - ends 6/10/15 US

Here's a great movie for the whole family to enjoy and watch together.  This is a BIG adventure that became available to own on DVD on March 26, 2015 that stars the TINIEST of creatures - Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants!

Good things come in small packages! That’s certainly the case with the adorable, animated feature Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants.  These endearing insects will be in theaters, On Demand, and on DVD May 26, 2015 from kaboom! Entertainment.

Join a little lost ladybug as she is thrown between tow feuding colonies of ants in this groundbreaking  animated masterpiece of insect proportions!  The race is on, as her unlikely new friends must transport the ultimate treasure - a stolen picnic basket full of prized sugar cubes - back home to their colony.  With a fierce army of fire ants standing in their way, the little insects must work together to make the perilous journey home.

This epic adventure has the added twist of almost no dialogue – think Wall-E meets A Bug's Life! These animated stars communicate solely via a synchronized soundtrack featuring beautiful music and sound effects to tell the tale of their journey. With the lone voice of Richard Dreyfuss as the narrator, Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants is the buzz worthy spring feature you won’t want to miss.

I found this to be a fun adventure set in marvelous natural scenery as a backdrop.  It was wonderful to follow the adventures of a little ladybug, who finds herself a bit disabled due to the fact of some biker-type flies, helps her new friends, the black ants, take a prized package back to their queen.  The red fire ants are crazy fanatics and never tire on their quest to steal the basket from the red ants.

The beautiful scenery and the lovely music is a real plus to this film.  Having no dialog is a bit strange, but with the bugs toots, whistles, and squeaks, you can understand exactly what is going on.  This film is an adaptation of the series, Miniscule, which was syndicated here in the United States a few years back.  Many of the short episodes can be watched at YouTube.  I found this to be perfect for little ones to watch and enjoy!

Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants is available on DVD starting today.  The production is unrated, but believe me this feature is completely family friendly with just little crude humor of cutting wind (you can see the scene in the trailer above).  Available at

kaboom! Entertainment is the dedicated kids and family label for Entertainment One / Phase 4 Films. kaboom! delivers a wide variety of FUN and ENGAGING television episodic, and full-length animated and live-action feature content.  To keep up with the latest on family friendly entertainment, be sure to follow kaboom! on Facebook and Twitter.

With many thanks to kaboom! Entertainment, one person is going to win Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants on DVD.  This giveaway will end on June 10,2015 and is open to US residents 18+ only.

Disclosure: I received the DVD in exchange for an honest review from kaboom! Entertainment.  All opinions are my own.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Treasure Hunt Tuesday Giveaway Link Up - May 26 to June 1, 2015

Time to link up your Treasure of a Giveaway
Dig up some Treasure for yourself!

A few rules:

  1. Linked posts but be linked directly to the giveaway
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  4. Giveaways must include an End Date in Title

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May the last week of May be wonderful to you all.

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