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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Give Your Hair Brilliance with Shine On from BioSilk Silk Therapy - #Review & #Giveaway ends 6/2/15 US

Is your hair a bit dull?  My hair just doesn't have that brilliant shine like it used to.  It is better thanks to some supplements that I have been taking recently, but still not up to that shine I had when I was younger.  I guess it's just part of getting older or the dry desert environment with its abundance of sunshine that I live in.  With a weightless finishing spray, Shine On, from BioSilk Silk Therapy, now my hair has a beautiful brilliant shine once more.

BioSilk Silk Therapy Shine On is weightless finishing spray that controls frizz and provides hair with brilliant shine and UV protection.  For me, this is 'just what the doctor ordered.'  My hair has always been a little frizzy (drove my mother crazy when I was little), and since I live in the desert, UV rays abound.  I'm out everyday doing something outside, and many a time I go out without my hat.

Here's my hair before I added the BioSilk Silk Therapy Shine On.  I do have dark brown hair, but the sun has done a good bleach job on it as the ends are quite light.  There is some shine to my hair, but there is quite a bit of dullness to it.

Here's my hair after the BioSilk Silk Therapy Shine On was spray on.  I think it looks much better.  It was easier to see the shininess for the camera out in the sun than in the shade.  The Shine On gave the natural color of my hair more depth and definition, and it is much shinier and classier looking.  The spray is weightless, and did not pull the curl out of my hair at all.  It's so good to know that my hair is now protected against all those UV rays that we get. It does have a pleasant fragrance that did not bother my sinus allergies.

In 1992, Farouk Systems introduced BioSilk Silk Therapy for hair and skin restoration and repair. BioSilk is the original infused line of hair care products that creates soft, shiny, healthy looking hair. All products contain natural pure silk from nature. BioSilk still continues to win awards for being the best defrizzer.

I just love what BioSilk Silk Therapy Shine On has done for my hair.  It has just made it look so much more sophisticated and more desirable.  My husband loves it!  Don't buy this at a high priced salon,  Get Silk Therapy Shine On Today at Beauty Care Choices for only $16.50!  

Since 2004 Beauty Care Choices has been the online resource for shoppers looking for their favorite salon products and having them conveniently shipped to their home or business.  They offer free shipping options and easy returns. 98% of all orders arrive at your door within 3 days of placing the order anywhere in the USA.

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