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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

#Review - Authentic Woven Tencel Super Silky Soft Luxury Bed Sheet Set

How would you love to have the softest most silkiest sheets to sleep on every night?  I've recently acquired a set that is so wonderful to sleep with that is 100% tencel fabric.

These wonderful silky soft sheets from Yorkshire Mayfair are 100% tencel fabric.  Tencel is a man made fabric that dates back to the 1980s.  It is made from wood pulp from sustainable forest so it is environmentally friendly.  The fibers are super smooth, so the fabric ends up feeling like a super silky rayon, that is about the only similarity it has with rayon.  Tencel is resistant to wrinkles, is machine washable, and is fairly durable.

Tencel is also very skin friendly.  Since tencel is silky soft and smooth, , it is easy on the skin and does not irritate.  Tencel is also moisture wicking.  It can absorb moisture easily then lets the moisture easily escape keeping you feeling cool.  With the moisture management of the tencel fibers, bacteria really doesn't stand a chance of growing.  It's a pretty remarkable fabric.

These Yorkshire Mayfair sheets, made with 100% tencel fabric, is just what is needed for the long hot summer months ahead.  It's already hot here in the desert, and these sheets do help to keep us cool.  It's a great set.  The bottom sheet can fit up to a 16" mattress - that's deep pockets!  I received a queen set, and it fits my queen set perfectly.  We are really happy with this sheet set.

These Tencel Sheet Set is from Yorkshire Mayfair and are sold exclusively at Amazon.  If you love incredibly soft sheets, then I highly recommend you get a set.  A sheet set is also a great wedding present, house warming gift, or even for Father's Day coming up.  Even dad likes to sleep on soft sheets!

I received a sheet set from Yorkshire Mayfair in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I received no other compensation.
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