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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#Review - Listen to Music Anywhere Even the Shower With the SpeakStick Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Do you try to listen to your music or be on the phone while in the shower, by the pool, or boating?    These situations can get a bit too wet to listen to your phone or your music player.  There are portable speakers that you can listen to your music and answer the phone, but they don't get along in a wet area either. What you need is a speaker that's waterproof like the SpeakStick  speaker from Smart Mixture.

This little portable speaker is waterproof!  It connects to your device with Bluetooth so you can take it in many watery situations.   At the poolside, in a boat, taking a shower, these are all places that the SpeakStick can work for you.  You can keep your phone dry, and answer your calls on the SpeakStick.  You can listen to your favorite tunes while showering.  My family just loves listening to music in the shower now.

SpeakStick Bluetooth Shower Speaker is waterproof and wireless.  It can connect with your phone for hands free talking in the shower, in the car, or wherever.  This speaker is compatible with all bluetooth devides such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.  You will not have any connection issues when this speaker is fitted with the Bluetooth version 3.0.

Answering your phone could not be easier.  It has a call pick-up and hang-up function with a good mic.  You won't miss any call just because you decide to get in the shower or the tub.

There is a strong speaker and mic to hear music and the sound of whom you talk to clearly.   It contains a rare 3W speaker which gives you crystal clear sound quality and adjustable volume.   The suction cup on the bottom of the speaker makes it where you can put it almost anywhere, the shower, the car, in the kitchen, or where you need it.  Waterproof Level IPX4, the water won’t stop you this time, but I wouldn't submerge the speaker.

The speaker has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last up to six hours on a full charge.  You can expect the battery to recharge within 2 hours.  The black player that I have has a micro USB charger, but the other speaker that I had gotten at first, had a mini USB power charging port.

This little speaker from Smart Mixture has an excellent guarantee.  The speaker comes with a No questions asked money back guarantee combined with world class customer service.  I should know as the first speaker that Smart Mixture sent me, to the left, stopped working (a wire was not soldered correctly).  It was absolutely no problem to send me out another quickly.

This little portable speaker is not only good looking, but made of quality materials.  You won't go wrong with this speaker from Smart Mixture.  Get the SpeakStick today at Amazon!


craftsonthego said...
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Marie Moody said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I was wondering how that thing worked. Sounds like I know a couple of girls that might this one indeed! :)

Marie Moody said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I was wondering how that thing worked. Sounds like I know a couple of girls that might this one indeed! :)

char41356 said...

This sounds like something I would enjoy having. Thanks for the review.

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