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Monday, May 11, 2015

#Review - Ozeri 3x Tower Fan with Passive Noise Reduction Technology in Silver Grey

Summer with all of its hot weather is almost here for most of you.  Here in the desert, summer heat is almost in full swing.  Trying to stay cool is tough in the desert, especially when we do all we can to save electricity.  One way we do it is by shutting off the air conditioner, and putting out some fans.

Having a quality fan will not only cool you in summer, but will also help you save on your electric bill.  The very best fan that I can find comes from Ozeri - the 3x Tower Fan with Passive Noise Reduction Technology.  This is one fan that will help save electricity.  As you can see there are three fans.  You can use one fan, two fans, or all three fans - it's your choice as to how many and to which of the fans you want to use!  This makes it nine levels of cooling and customized airflow.

Great display with a touch sensitive panel!

The other day, we had a power outage due to high winds.  My son plugged this fan into our simple solar system.  With only one fan running on low, it barely registered on the system.  In fact, leaving it this way, it took so little electricity that the solar panel was still able to charge the battery!  That's what I call an efficient fan.

Not only is it an efficient fan, but it is also one of the world's quietest fans.  It has been upgraded with canted fan blades that utilize the physics of blade curvature to generate opposing sound waves to reduce blade noise and isolate the soothing sounds of the airflow itself.  It also has the latest in stylistic innovation and digital decor, the 3x Tower fan is among the world's thinnest fans at less than 3 inches thick and boasts a visually arresting design with an elegant reinforced glass base stand.  The silver grey finish adds to the sleekness of the fan.

The fan is already preprogrammed with three different airflow patterns designed to foster sleep, relaxation and comfort with 90 degree whisper-quiet oscillation for optimal air circulation.   With a 7.5 hour timer that can be programmed in 30 minute increments we just turn on the fan when we go to bed, and it shuts off all by itself in the middle of the night.  If we want it back on again, we just use the full function remote control unit that comes with the fan.

The full function remote that has an extended range.
The Ozeri 3x Tower Fan with Passive Noise Reduction Technology is sold at Amazon.  Don't worry about it being shipped to you.  Ozeri makes sure that it is packed perfectly.  It is also so very simple to get it out and working to cool you down.

Upon opening the box, you'll find the fan and everything you need.  It is so easy to put together.

Just take the large black plastic nut off the bottom of the fan.

Put the solid glass base on, and screw the nut back on tightly.  You don't need any special tools, just use your hands.   Put the fan upright, plug it in, and it's ready to cool you down.

The remote control comes with a button cell battery that you do need to put in.  

The remote stores in the back of the fan near the top.  That opening also doubles as a hand hold to grasp the fan to move it around.

What a blessing it is to have this fan running at night to keep us cool.  We just set the top fan on on low, night time breeze program, and let it oscillate.  The top fan is perfect for it gives us a gentle breeze right on top of us.  We have it set for four hours because after that the night gets cool on its own right now.  It has been giving us refreshing rest.  I'm quite sure that as summer progresses, we will be having the fan on all night.

If you need a great fan that will save you money in the long run, you need to get the Ozeri 3x Tower Fan with Passive Noise Reduction.  Buy It Today at Amazon!  It comes in this lovely silver grey finish, black with chrome accents, and white.  As with all of Ozeri's products, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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