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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

#Review - Premium Affordable Office Chair Caster Wheels from #Zitriom

Is your home office chair a little old and the wheels are starting to go, but it's still comfortable?  That's what my husband and I have, office chairs that are a bit old yet comfortable, but the wheels, on the other hand, were breaking.  Now our chairs float around the room with ease with new premium office chair caster wheels from Zitriom.

From Zitriom, I received two different office chair caster wheels to review - one with gray soft polyurethane wheels and the other is pure black soft polyurethane wheels.  Either or, these wheels have put new life into our chairs.

Our chairs just glide around the room with ease now.  We can move in all directions with no hindrance whatsoever.

These premium casters are made with the highest quality materials that are available.  Even though their soft polyurethane wheels are made specifically to protect your floors such as hardwood, laminate, tile, or slate floors, they will also work on carpeting.  We have low pile carpet in our office, and these wheels just seem to drift over the carpet.

The smooth movement of the casters is due to the fact that Zitriom uses a lithium based grease lubricant.  This will ensure that the little ball bearings in the wheels will work for a long time.

Don't think you can afford to replace your tired out old caster wheels?  Think again!  Zitriom's Caster Wheets are at the best price that you can find at Amazon!  In fact, I have looked at a certain office supply store that I do many reviews for, and these casters are super affordable for the full set of five.

Get the Zitriom Premium Black Office Chair Caster Wheels at Amazon for only $13.99 for a full set of five wheels.

Get the Zitriom Premium Gray Office Chair Caster Wheels at Amazon for only $12.99 for a full set of five wheels.

They are guaranteed by Zitriom's 5 Years No-Hassle Free Replacement or if you are not satisfied, you can get a full refund.  These casters brought new life to our office chairs plus they protect our flooring.  You're going to want to bring new life to your chairs as well as protecting your floor with these wheels.

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