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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

#Review - #Zitriom Durable Stainless Steel 78 Inch Shower Hose

In our little master bathroom, when I want to take a shower, here is what usually greets me when I pull back the shower curtain:

It became commonplace to have to twist our hand-held shower head around so that it would spray toward us, and not the wall.  There is nothing wrong with the hose and it's actually quite new.  I have been getting a little tired of this so when I had a chance to review a new stainless steel shower hose from Zitriom, I asked to be included in the reviewing.  Let me tell you how nice this new stainless steel shower hose is.

Here is what has been greeting me recently when I open the shower curtain.  Isn't it nice!  It is always directly now towards the tub and not the wall.  The Zitriom shower hose is made of quality stainless steel, nickel, and some plastic.  It's very flexible and can twist this way and that way, but still stay where you place it back in the holder.

It's also a full 78 inches long (2 meters).  With this length, you can do so much more with the hose than with the old standard 5 feet (60 inches).  What I can do with this extra length?  I can wash our small dogs, get the shower head all around the dog without having to move the dog who generally doesn't want to move.  I can also clean the tub better.  With the extra length, the water can spray all the way across the tub to wash away the cleaner easier.

  • Premium Shower hose at best price on 
  • Made With Highest Quality Materials Available. 
  • Rubber Washers Included to Ensure No Leakage. 
  • Beautiful Design in Stainless Steel, Plastic and Nickel.
  • Standard size fit most shower fixture in the USA with its 1/2" Ends
  • Super Easy to Install!

Are you in need of a new shower hose for your hand-held shower head - or - would you just like a longer length?  The Zitriom Stainless Steel 78 Inch Shower Hose is the one you are looking for!  Get It Today at Amazon for only $9.99.  If you are not satisfied with this shower hose, you can return it for a full refund as there is a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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