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Monday, May 4, 2015

Shop With Your Heart To Give Back To Those In Need - The GreaterGood Shop - Review & Giveaway - ends 5/20 US

We all shop for cute clothing, accessories, for our pets, and items for our homes.  Instead of just going down and buying items at your local nationwide department store that just adds to their profit margin, shop at an online store where every purchase you make will help people, animals, and the planet - shop online at GreaterGood.

I have always loved shopping at NOVICA as I knew that my purchase would help artisans throughout the world. has a unique collaboration between GreaterGood and NOVICA.  They have been working together for over 15 years with a shared goal of reducing intergenerational poverty worldwide. Creating this new site gives GreaterGood customers access to more than 3500 additional artisan products. It also allows GreaterGood to sell products on new channels, so GreaterGood can sell more items, raise more money for charity, and have a greater impact on people, animals, and our planet.

GreaterGood supplied me with a gift card to do some shopping at their website.  There I found that I can shop specifically with a charity in mind, or just shop helping many different organizations.  Here I found almost all the worldwide artisans that I have come to know at NOVICA plus others.   Here I found some items to spruce up the garden with.

To brighten the garden at night, we got the "Magical Mushroom" Dragonfly Solar Light.  It is full of bright and cheerful colors during the day, and at night soft light blossoms forth.

After a day's worth of soaking up those glorious rays from the sun, it lights up to beautifully illuminate our garden area.  It's made from heavy glass and solid metal.  What a lovely addition this was to our garden.

Since our desert is usually windy, we love wind chimes so we got the 'Ethereal Music', Handpainted Metal Butterfly Wind Chime.  It's so exquisite.  It may look dainty, but it is made of solid metal butterflies.  I really don't think that each is handpainted, but each of the six butterflies that hand from this wind chime are a bright cheerful treat to the eyes.  When it's windy, these chimes ring with sweet jingles and tinkles.

There are scores of items that have always caught my eye over at NOVICA that can be purchased at GreaterGood.   I have always loved this 'Marine', Unique Handblown Glass Water Tumblers Drinkware.  By purchasing this item, you can help fight hunger by providing 50 cups of food for starving people throughout the world.

When you purchase any of these items, like this 'Bold Fun', Hobo Bag Created From Recycled Fabric in Intricate Patterns, you are giving to your favorite cause.  By purchasing this handbag, you can supply 28 bowls of food for animals.

By purchasing this beautiful  'Andean Snow Princess in Red', Red Alpaca Blend Ruana Cape Black Trim, you will fund 25% of an hour to research and therapy for Alzheimer's.

There are so many lovely pieces of jewelry that I recognize at GreaterGood that I have seen over at NOVICA like this exquisite ring, 'Mumbai Romance', Pearl and Peridot Cocktail Ring from India Jewelry.  Purchasing this ring will help preserve 6 acres of rainforest.  Purchases at GreaterGood have funded the protection and preservation of more than 24,000 acres of rainforest so far.

Every time you shop at GreaterGood, you are giving extra to those in need - at no extra cost to you!  So far GreaterGood has given over $35 million in charities around the world since 1999. gives a new name to shopping, and is now my favorite online shopping place to purchase item from artisans all over the world.

Start Giving Back Today and receive $5 off your purchase of $40 or more with this code: NEWSHOP.

Connect with GreaterGood at

GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win a $50 gift code to  This giveaway is open to US residents 18+ only, and will end on May 20, 2015.

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