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Friday, May 1, 2015

#ShopletReviews - Save Energy Without Sacrificing Style With the SAFCO Vamp LED Flexible Neck Desk Light

I have been looking at LED lighting for a little while now, and almost all have left me pretty flat.  The fixtures are...well, they're cold, boring, and some are just 'yuck.'  With so many thanks to, the online office supplies superstore, we are reaping the benefits of a low energy LED desk lamp that looks fantastic, and is so functional!

The SAFCO Vamp LED Flexible Neck Light uses hardly any energy at all - only 9 watts and that's only when the lamp is on it's maximum setting.   At its maximum setting, it's a very bright light (420 Lumens) that can actually light up the whole room quite well.

The features on this light are so neat.  To change any setting, just touch the pad - it's that simple.  You have your choice of either a warm sunshiny type of light, or a cool white light.  Let me show you the difference:

Here is the warm setting.  As you can see it is like a warm incandescent light.  I prefer this type of lighting during the day.

Here is the cool white light.  You can really see the difference in the two pictures. It is the one that I prefer at night to see by.  Most of the time when I am working on a review at night, I put the Vamp on it's lowest light setting.

This lamp has seven different dimmable light settings.  It adjust brightness with an 8-step touch dimmer.  You can either just give it a little touch with your finger to dim or brighten the lamp or simply swipe your fingers across until you find the right brightness that you need.  I find this to be another energy saving function to the SAFCO Vamp.

Another great feature to the SAFCO Vamp is its multi-pivot flexible head.  It can twist and turn to almost any angle that you need to shine the light onto - up, down, to any side angle.  The base of the light is super sturdy and will hold the light upright in whatever angle you choose.

Even the base of the neck will swivel around 170 degrees.  There is a pivot screw to tighten at the bottom to keep the vertical arm in place it if gets too loose.  The versatility of this lamp is almost beyond belief.

When you just couldn't think how this lamp could get any better, there is one more added feature - a USB charging port.  You need one of these almost everywhere now.  It's just convenient that it's located right at the back.

If you need to store it for any reason, it folds down compactly.

I placed this lamp on the upper shelf of our computer desk and took out the old light that had a florescent bulb in it.  LED lighting is the wave of the future; the most Eco-friendly way to be.  Not only are you cutting the energy you are using almost in half from a florescent bulb, but LED lighting is also lead and mercury free!

Being a resident of California, we have found plenty of incentives to save energy.  We have one solar panel to charge all of our little gadgets and a fan during the day.  What a difference LED lighting makes!  It's the Eco-friendly solution to saving energy and still be able to light your home.  I am so lucky to have been able to switch out our old desk florescent light for the SAFCO Vamp  LED Flexible Neck Light.

UPDATE from May 8, 2015:  We had some high winds last night that gave us a blackout.  We plugged the SAFCO Vamp into our small solar system via an inverter, kept in on a medium brightness, and it took hardly any amps from the battery at all!  We saw no change in the battery charge the whole 4 hours that it was on.

You can purchase the SAFECO Vamp at for the incredible deal of only $94.94.  Not only is it one good looking lamp that will enhance any room of your house, but you'll be saving money on your electric bill! is your one-stop online office supply store where you can find bargains galore on everything you need for your business from Office Stationary to Promotional Products.

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