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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wordless Wednesday with Linky - May 20, 2015

It was time to harvest our bing cherries.  We got two 5 quart buckets.  May not seem like much, but this is the first year we were able to fight the birds off and get some cherries.

Here is a Mojave green rattlesnake.  I just killed this one myself just a little while ago.  Get bit by him, and you just might not make it to the hospital.  It was right by our front door.

Sad news.  This little hummingbird nest with the two eggs that I shared with you last week was ransacked by an animal or a bird.  We think it might have been starlings or ravens.  

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  1. The snake--yikes--I'm impressed.

  2. OHHHHHHHHHH MY You killed it all by yourself???? OH WOW! MYYYYYY HEEEEEERO!!! ~snicker~ but I'm impressed too... for real! Dang girl! You think you lived out in the jungle! Bing Cherries me some! I love those and you actually grew them. Girl, do you know how expensive those are in the store. Oh how I wish I had one of those buckets I'd sit in front of the TV and eat them all myself. hahahaha Wait until you see what I'm posting for today. It's almost done. Hubby's doing it for me, but I took the pics & movie it's wonderful. I know you'll love it.

  3. First I wanna find out how you managed to fight off the birds to score those awesome cherries - we have 3 huge cherry trees in our backyard, but the birds get all the goodies instead of us. So I'll have to go buy cherries to make my Cherry Pinot Noir! :)

    That snake is freakin' SCARY! And HUGE! Way better off dead. Him, not anyone else. How did you not freak out with him right by your front door?!

    Poor baby birdies. Such a cool nest, though.

    WW: Hickory Dickory… Blackspot

  4. Cherries: good. Snake: bad but bravely dispatched. Birds: too bad.
    slehan @ juno dot com

  5. Mmm, cherries! Whatcha gonna make with them, Danielle? Oh yeah, you're this week's featured photographer. CONGRATS!!! I'm sorry for not letting you know sooner, but my brain is rattled. Yikes, a SNAKE! I hate snakes! That's one bad sleazy critter you killed. I'm glad you got him before he got one of you. Way to go!!! Oh, poor little baby birdies! Unfortunately this is part of the circle of life thingy. Have a great WW!

    I think We're Going to be Friends

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhh so sad to hear this news!
    I am starting to see cherries in the store, hope they go on sale soon!!!
    Im sure we dont live where there are snakes, I wouldnt be able to kill it! Your very brave!!!
    Stop by and join our WW this week to share!!
    Hope you have a great day!!

  7. I love cherries!!
    oh booo to that snake. I would have had a heartache.

  8. Thank you for joining our Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday Link Party.. Love the cherries, but the snake.. OMG scary !!! thankfully we don't have any snakes in the Isle ofg Man! :) Have a great day, co-host Evija @Fromevijawithlove

  9. Wow I'm impressed you were able to kill that snake! Holy cow! Snakes scare me to death!


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