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Monday, June 22, 2015

#Review - Create Perfect Popovers With Bellmain Non-Stick Popover Pan

One thing that we like with a good roast beef dinner is Yorkshire pudding or popovers.  They complement this dinner so completely.  Have a good popover pan is the key to making great popovers.

I recently received to review the Bellemain Popover Pan.  It is non-stick and has the conventional six cups that most popover pans have.  In order to make popovers that just "pop" up, you need a pan that is shaped like this.  Muffin tins just can't give you that airy popover.  The cups on this pan are 2.25" deep - much deeper than you standard muffin tin.  The cups are not connected as in your standard muffin tins are.   This allows the high heat to circulate around the cups for the popovers to rise as they do.  The dark colored metal also absorbs heat faster, which is ideal for the high temperature, short baking time that produces perfect popovers.

My daughter decided to make a batch of chocolate popovers to check out these pans.  Even though the pans are non-stick, you do need to add the butter or oil that is recommended so that the popovers do get that delicious crispy outside.

All loaded and ready to put into the very hot oven.

It seems that her dough was a bit too heavy and the chocolate popovers didn't quite rise right in the middle, but they did rise up spectacularly around.

Not a problem, she filled them with whipped cream!

Then added more on the top.  

To top them off, just a dusting of cocoa powder.

I just don't think she had the right recipes or she may have added extra cocoa powder for a more richer chocolate flavor.  

If you've been disappointed with the flat, heavy popovers and Yorkshire puddings you get using regular muffin pans, it's not your fault; it's your pan's. Discover the difference the Bellemain Popover Pan can give you in achieving dramatically better results with minimum effort.

The best popovers are those that rise high, staying light and tender inside. You simply can't get that effect with a muffin pan whose cups are only an inch or so deep. The Bellemain's cups are twice as deep, which allows popovers to climb up to impressive heights.  Cleanup is a breeze as well; in fact, you can put the pan straight into the dishwasher.

Make some great popovers of your own with the Bellemain Popover Pan.  Get it at Amazon today!

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