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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#ShopletReviews: Samsill Office & School Products Will Keep You Organized

Being a home school mom of six, I know how important it is to be organized.  Organization is the key to keep a home business or a school functioning well.  Having the right products to organize with does help, and that's why I recommend Samsill.

I recently received the Samsill Speedy Spine Round Ring View Binder and the Samsill Profession Pad Holder from Shoplet - the best online store for office supplies.

Samsill binders are the only binders that I buy for my children when it comes to organizing their school work.  I also have quite a collection of their binders that house my recipes that I have printed off the internet.  These binders are first-class and built to last.  Shoplet sent me a Samsill Speedy Spine Round Ring View Binder with a one-inch 'O' ring.

What's the big difference between the Samsill Speedy Spine compared to other binders?  You can get that spine insert in five times faster than you can with a traditional view binder.  When you purchase a view binder, you want to see have a label inserted in the spine.  With Samsill's Speedy Spine binder, you'll find that their patented  channel construction allows you to easily drop-in your spine insert for custom graphics in seconds.  Believe me, the paper just slips right in, and if you want to change it, it comes right out - yet, it does stay in place until you want to remove it.  Samsill even has the spine templates for you to download that work with Microsoft Word.

The insides of the binders are wonderfully crafted.  This one is an "O" ring, and the rings always open and close so easily.  Notice how the rings are set to the right side of the spine.  That helps to keep the papers from getting jammed inside around the rings.  Side pockets on the inside give you places to stuff loose papers.  The Samsill Speedy Spine Round Ring View Binders are made with 51% total recycled content, are antimicrobial, biodegradable, and your part of your purchase helps to support breast cancer awareness.

Here's something that's not so much for schooling, but more for business purposes and job seeking - the Samsill Professional Pad Holder.  For my adult children, they all have one now.  They told me it was a must to carry with you when you have a presentation to do at the office or for when applying for a job.

Inside the Professional Pad Holder is a large notepad to take plenty of notes during your presentation or interview, a place to hold documents or resumes, pockets for your digital media and business cards, and a pen loop.   The functional and stylish designed padded pad feel and looks like fine Napa leather with a hand stitched binding edge.

Find all the great products of Samsill at Shoplet.  Shoplet not only keeps your business stocked with discounted office supplies, but will help your business succeed by offering Promotional Products and Office Stationary.   Need inexpensive medical supplies? gives you the best prices on medical supplies available.

Disclosure: I received the above products in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.  No other compensation was received.
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