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Thursday, June 25, 2015

#ShopletReviews: Write Smoothly With Schneider Pens

Isn't it just horrible that when you are writing with a pen, that it just doesn't want to write well.  That old ink in the pen won't come out and when it does, you have blotchy writing.  I write daily in my notebook to categorize the pictures for my reviews.  One thing I dislike is using a pen that the ink is not flowing consistently nor smoothly on the paper. When I write, I want a writing instrument that will glide smoothly across the paper.

With so many thanks to Shoplet, where you can find all the office supplies you need at discounted prices, I was sent to review some pens from a leading international brand for writing instruments from Germany - Schneider.  Believe me, these are top quality pens that all but one comes with the innovative Viscoglide technology.  Viscoglide ink is a high-performance hybrid ink that combines the best features of traditional ballpoint ink and gel ink with super-smooth writing action while drying super quick.  This ink does just make writing a pleasure.

Here is a set of colorful from Schneider, the Slider Memo XB 1.4 mm Viscoglide Ballpoint Pen 4 Pack Colors.  Not only do these pens have that super smoother Viscoglide ink, but they are ergonomically designed  with a rubber grip to bring comfort to your hands when writing.  The XB means Extra Broad line width.  The cap has a sturdy metal clip and fits neatly on either end of the pen. The wear-resistant stainless steel tip guarantees that the large ink supply can be fully used and does not smear.

This pen set comes in the playful colors of green, orange, purple and pink.  These whimsical bold colors are bright and easily seen.  When you buy pens of different colors, you do want colors that can be seen.  These are not faint on the paper.

I also received a set containing five different Schneider pens that are sold separately at Shoplet.

Along with all of those fun colors that belong to she Slider Memo XB set, I also received a red pen.  The Slider Memo XB 1.4 mm Viscoglide Ballpoint Pen Red has all the great qualities that I described above with the 4-pack.  This one is just has beautiful vibrant red ink.

This is the Slider Rave 1.4 mm Viscoglide Retractable Ballpoint Pen Black.  This pen also has that wonderful waterproof fast-drying Viscoglide ink but without the hassle of a cap.  This is the kind of pen that I like to carry in my purse as I don't have to worry about losing a cap.  It does have a comfortable rubberized, ergonomic barrel with metal accents that offers a good grip and promotes a natural writing movement without hand fatigue. Modern design features a high-grade steel point and solid metal clip to attach to pockets and more. Schneider Rave Ballpoint Pen is refillable with a jumbo refill.

Here's a pen with a fun design.  The Slider Basic XB 1.4mm Viscoglide Ballpoint Pen Black is a wonderful pen.  This is the one that I have in the loop in my notebook.  It's a skinnier ballpoint pen, but writes so smoothly with that Viscoglide waterproof ink.  Under the cap, you will find a rubberized grip that does add to the comfort of the pen while also keeping it in your grip.  It also also features high-grade steel point and removable plastic cap to attach to pockets and more.

Here's another skinnier pen, but this one has a three-edged barrel.  It's the Slider Edge 1.4 mm Viscoglide Ballpoint Pen Black.  The triangular barrel prevents the pen from rolling off the desk or other flat surfaces. Like the other pens, this one, too, has the rubberized surface that offers a good grip and promotes a natural writing movement. Wear-resistant, stainless steel tip delivers clean writing right to the end. Nonrefillable Slider Edge also features PVC-free construction, large ink reservoir and removable plastic cap.  I have always liked a triangular barrel to a pen, and this one is very comfortable to write with.

I did mention at the beginning that one of the pens that I got did not come with the Viscoglide ink.  This is the Schneider Xpress .8 mm Porous Point Pen Black.  This is pen that you will want to have when you need a thin line like when you are measuring and making lines with a ruler or template.  The .8 mm fiber tip delivers smooth writing with the water-based ink.  If you do so happen to forget to put the cap back on this pen, it won't run dry the next day.  This pen can last up to 3 days with the cap off.  The pen is ergonomically designed which makes it feel good in your hand.  The is a nice sturdy metal clip on the cap.

I am very impressed with the great quality of these Schneider pens.  Schneider is a premier German pen manufacturer for over 75 years.  Their entire line of pens are CO2Neutral.  The Viscoglide line, a collection of advanced ballpoint inks, are produced entirely without adding to the carbon footprint.   Schneider was also the first pen manufacturer in the world to be EMAS certified.

is distributed by in the USA

Stride is a woman-owned family-owned business that sells and distributes exceptional office products here in the US, and is the exclusive distributor of Schneider her in the US.  Based in Albuquerque, NM, their workforce is extraordinary as it is composed of 50% of adults that are intellectually and developmentally challenged.  Stride has their employees hand assemble many of the Schneider line of pens for distribution in the US.  I do so much love to get items from companies that hire these people because they deserve to work and feel good about themselves.

Shoplet is my favorite online office superstore.  From promotional products to office stationary, you'll find exactly what you want at  When they say they have everything for your business, they are not kidding.  Why they even have discounted medical supplies!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.
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