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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Wordless Wednesday With Linky - Our Pumpkin Patch - June 24, 2015

My daughter started one pumpkin patch a bit early this year.  She got the pumpkin seeds from a cooking pumpkin that we bought last year.  Here are the pumpkins that are growing:

Isn't this one nice!  I see some good pumpkin puree from this one.

Huh?  Does this look like a pumpkin to you?

Oh, now this is going too far.  This can't be a pumpkin?!

All of these should have been pumpkins!  All the seeds came from the same pumpkin.  Why did we get gourds from a pumpkin??

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  1. That first one looks perfect! The other two look like gourds! How funny! I can't wait to see what they look like 'full grown'! :)

  2. That last one looks like a gourd. Looks like you're getting a good small crop of pumpkins/gourds.

  3. Those are so amazing! I have never had anything like that get so big. I don't think we have the climate and soil for it. I hope they keep on going strong!

  4. The pumpkin and the gourds are all so pretty and healthy looking. Strange that they're from the same batch of seeds. I wonder if the original pumpkin they came from was some sort of hybrid.

  5. Awww Man, I want one so bad! I love little tiny pumpkins... If I put it in the freezer will it keep until Halloween? I planted one plant just to see if I can grow one. I'll let you know! hehehe


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