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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Most Amazing Kitchen Tool: The Ozeri Gourmet Digital Kitchen Scale

Since we always do a lot of baking and we always cook our own meals here at home, there is one kitchen tool that we love having - a kitchen scale.  We seem to be always weighing our ingredients or, when baking bread, we like to be sure that each of the loaves that we bake are all about the same size for even cooking.

I was recently sent a new kitchen scale to review from Ozeri.  The old scale we had before was really such a nuisance.  It was one of those that looked like something from the grocery store, that was a bit inaccurate, but my husband was a bit nostalgic over it.  With this new Gourmet Digital Kitchen Scale from Ozeri, my husband found a new digital scale that he really likes.  He has been brought up-to-date with the most amazing and highly accurate kitchen scale with some great features that you normally would not find on any other kitchen scale.

My husband, the main cook of our home, was profoundly impressed with the great accuracy of this scale.  It has a uniquely designed award-winning wide tempered glass platform that provides an oversized weighing area.  To precisely weigh, it has 4 high-precision GFX sensors which will accurately weigh items from 0.4 oz to 11 lbs or, if you are following a European recipe, 1 g to 5000 g.

The scale has a large LCD display.  Above you can see the picture of the scale "Off."  The LCD stays on to show you two of the three great extra features that this scale offers: it show the current time; and the current temperature of the room.  The other great feature to this scale is a timer!

When turned on, a display screen lights up with a high-contrast blue light.  Makes the screen nice and bright.  You can also see the timer up there on the top left better with the back light on.  So often, we need more than one timer going at the same time.  Having an extra timer, that won't stop buzzing until you come to shut it off, is very handy.  The timer can be set for any time up to 99:59.

The four easy touch-sensor buttons make operating this scale a breeze.  The tare button, once touched, will put the scale reading to "0.0."  I decided to see if my 1-cup measuring cup was accurate.  I set the scale to fluid ounces for milk (there is a fluid ounces for water), and set the measuring cup on the scale, and tared it.

As you can see, 8 fluid ounces of milk is slightly below the rim on my measuring cup.

My daughter likes to make pound cakes.  One of the items you need is 1 pound of flour.  I tapped on the unit button to set the scale to ounces, put a bowl on the scale, and tared it.

Here is one pound of flour perfectly measured for a pound cake.  In pounds and ounces, the scale will accurately measure the ounces in 1/10 measurements.

The Gourmet Digital Kitchen Scale is powered by three AAA batteries which are included.  The back light will shut off by itself if the scale is left idle for two minutes.  In the box with the scale comes the user manual, and a handy little booklet, Calorie Guide and U.S. Postal First Class letter Rate Guide.  The calorie guide is mainly the whole book, and is very useful.

The scale comes in a nice box that makes it perfect for gift giving.  You can store it in the box, but with the having the time and temperature always being displayed, I like having it out.  We don't have a lot of counter space, so my husband, who really likes this scale, is going to be making a rack to put the scale on the wall in the kitchen, and to where it can easily slide out when we need it.

It's nice not having that old bulky scale in the house anymore.  The Ozeri Gourmet Digital Ktichen Scale is so much more compact and accurate. If you would like a most amazing kitchen scale, get the Gourmet Digital Kitchen Scale at  For my Canadian friends, you can purchase this scale at  As with all Ozeri items, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Disclosure: I received the Gourmet Digital Kitchen Scale from Ozeri for the purposes of this review.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.
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