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Friday, July 17, 2015

Alaska Bear TSA Approved #LuggageLock - Have Peace of Mind When You Travel

Every year I go visit my daughter back East.  Traveling by plane is fun, but getting all of my luggage with its contents safely back with me can seem to be a daunting task.  The last trip I made, I just left my luggage unlocked and hoped for the best.  It was better than having the locks at that time cut off and losing them.  These old locks were good ones.  What I need for my next trip is one that TSA can open easily, but no one else can.  That why I was so please to be able to review the Alaska Bear TSA Approved Luggage Lock.
The Alaska Bear Luggage Lock is a small lock, but very sturdy and heavy-duty.  It has a zinc-infused die-cast metal shackle provides the maximum security and protection.  This lock is meant to face bad weather and will still keep your luggage protected in all forms of extreme weather.

It's also a combination lock, so there are no keys to lose.  With a 3-digit combination, there are 1000 combinations or permutations possible that you can select. This will greatly decrease the chance of your items being stolen.

Transportation Security Administration will recognize the diamond on the lock and use their special tool to open the lock for inspection. This prevents your luggage from being pried open and damaged. Go through the inspection process quickly and easily.  Once you get your luggage back from the airport's carousel after your flight, you will know immediately if TSA has opened the Alaska Bear Lock to check the contents of  your suitcase.  There is a little red pole will rise above the surface of the lock to notify you that a TSA member has used his special tool to open the lock. The pole will return to its original spot when you set it to your private combination.

The next time you travel and know that the TSA might just open your luggage, don't use any ordinary lock, use the Alaska Bear TSA Approved Luggage Lock.  I know that my luggage will now be protected against intrusion.  The superb zinc alloy combination lock makes the Alaska Bear TSA Lock the most secure and strong lock available.  Get it today at Amazon!

Disclosure: Alaska Bear provided me with their TSA Approved Lock in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.
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