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Friday, July 17, 2015

Easily Clean Your Ceiling Fans With Estilo Microfiber Ceiling and Fan Duster

Do you have high cathedral ceilings that are such a nuisance to dust?  That's just what I have, plus they are open beamed ceilings.  Now combine these high open beamed ceilings with living in one of the dustiest areas in the United States - a desert, and it ends up being one dusty area.  It is so hard bringing in one of my husband's ladders to wipe the ceiling of dust (my vacuum doesn't reach), that my ceilings only get dusted twice a year.

When offered the chance to review a ceiling fan duster, I realized that I never thought of getting one before.  I am so happy that Estilo offered this to me in exchange for an honest review.  Their Ceiling Fan Duster has made a twice a year chore into something that I can incorporate in my weekly dusting.

All of that fluffiness that you see is thousands of fluffy fibers that feature a dust lock adhesive that traps dust and help reduce allergens, plus also trapping in common inanimate allergens from cat and dog dander, and dust mite matter (which there are so many of us that are allergic to).

The Estilo Ceiling Fan Duster lets you clean ceiling fans and other hard to reach spots without dangerously climbing on chairs or ladders. The double-sided brush removes dust from both sides of the fan blades in one swoop using static electricity.  It fits fan blades up to 6" width which is most ceiling fans.  It's hard to see with all of that fluffiness, but there is a hole in the middle of that dust mop.  It cleaned the ceiling fan in the bedroom so quickly and thoroughly.

This also works great as an ordinary dust mop to clean your ceilings.  All I have to do is 'sweep' across the ceiling and it picks up the dust like magic.  With all of that fluffiness, it gets into the nooks, crannies, and corners to effective clean all.  Our open beam ceiling is has a lot of places where dust can gather, and the Estilo Ceiling Fan Duster is fluffy enough to get into those places.  Because the fluffiness is so soft, I am also using this to dust my window blinds.

The full length of the handle, when assembled, is 47".  The pieces, which are made out of a light metal, just screw together easily.  Once together, the handle is very sturdy.  The full 47" is a good distance to work with, and you won't have to get up on a chair or a ladders to dust.  Yet, if you don't need all that length, just don't screw all the pieces together for a smaller pole so it easily adjusts to 27, 37, or 47 inches.

When dusting is finished, you will find that there is a lot of dust trapped in the fluffiness.  To clean, I just place it under some lukewarm water either outside or in the laundry sink.  If it's real dirty, I may stopper up the laundry sink and add just a little detergent to the water, swish the mop around in the water, then rinse.  That will get rid of all the dirt.  From there, I just let it air dry, and it's like new again.

If you are looking for a quality ceiling and ceiling fan duster, then you will be just as happy with the Estilo Ceiling Fan Duster as I am.  Get it at Amazon today for the low price of only $9.79.  This dust mop does qualify for free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Disclosure: I received the Estilo Ceiling Fan Duster in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received, and all of the opinions are my own.
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