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Friday, July 31, 2015

Relaxing Outdoors Just Got Better In a Comfortable Hammock from Swift-N-Snug - Take It With You Anywhere

Relaxing outside in the shade can be very nice.  We purposely planted some cottonwood trees just to have nice shade to relax under.  We planted them in a row so that one day we would be able to put a hammock between them, and we did!

There is nothing like settling back and taking it easy under cooling shade after a long day.  Having a comfortable hammock that is easy to put up and take down, makes it even better.  The hammock that is perfect for this is the Swift-N-Snug Comfortable Hammock.

The Swift-N-Snug is a great hammock to repose in.  It is made of high quality 210T parachute material.  Parachute material is durable, breathable, and will dry quickly if it gets wet.  The seams on this hammock are all triple stitched to  provide long lasting durability and support to hold up to 400 lbs.  Plus that triple stitching will significantly reduce the chances of rips and tears.

This is a double-sized hammock that measures 110"x 73" (280 cm x 185 cm) so you can actually share and snuggle with someone you love in it.  The hubby and I have relaxed together within.  It does get a bit snug, but it's passable.  We've always liked to stay out late on a summer night watching the moon rise over the mountain and gazing at the stars.  This hammock just makes contemplating the stars more cozy than sitting in chairs.

One thing we never do is leave the hammock under the tree all day.  The sun and the desert heat do nasty things to any kind of fabric.  We put the hammock up when we want it, and take it down when we are done.  With this hammock from Swift-N-Snug, it really is easy to do.  The Swift-N-Snug hammock comes with two 8" carabiners, ones that can easily hold 400 lbs, which makes it easy to clip the hammock up and take it down.  To tie the hammock to the trees, this hammock also comes with two high-strength nylon tree ropes.  They are a generous size, and are easy to make a good sturdy knot with.  I guess we planted our trees a bit too far apart for a hammock, and had to use some extra rope for one side.

Putting this hammock away is a breeze.  Because of the light-weight parachute material, this hammock takes up hardly any room when folded.  It neatly packs away in the bag that is sewn onto the hammock.  I love that the bag is attached to the hammock - it won't get lost.  Once folded and tucked into it's bag, the whole package is now only measures 8"x 9" and can be about 3-4" wide, and weighs only 25 oz.  This makes the hammock a perfect traveling companion.

The small size of the Swift-N-Snug Hammock when in its bag makes this hammock great to take with you camping, backpacking, to the beach, anywhere you want to take some time out to hang loose.  We've also sat in the hammock sideways to gaze out over the valley in the evening.  It does make a comfy swing when you sit in it sideways.  You are not going to want to leave this hammock behind when you go traveling.

We are really happy with the Swift-N-Snug Hammock.  My husband is tall, 6'4", and he has not problems with this hammock - he's always comfortable, and he can easily get in and out.  Swift-N-Snug is so confident in the quality of their hammock that they offer a lifetime guarantee (replacement), and a 90-day money back guarantee for any reason.  So get the Swift-N-Snug Hammock at Amazon today!

Swift-n-Snug is determined to be the new trend setter in sports and outdoor accessories.  With many exciting products lined up, Swift-n-Snug aims to become a household brand, offering superior quality, great value and exceptional customer service.

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Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.  Needless to say, all opinions are entirely my own, and no other compensation was received.
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