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Thursday, July 9, 2015

#Review: Ozeri Turtlemeter - Take the Guesswork Out of Figuring Baby's Bath Water Temperature

For so many years, women have been trying to test the temperature of baby's bath water with the old elbow test.  I, too, did that oh so many years ago when I started having babies.  I was always afraid that the temperature might just be too hot or too cold, and, quite frankly, I think with my first baby, a time or two I was a little off on that temperature.

Over the years, I did get better at determining the temperature of my babies' baths, but now that my first baby has a baby of her own, I don't want her to go through that guesswork stage that I went through.  Thanks to that marvelous company, Ozeri, my daughter now has their Turtlemeter, to take the guesswork out of figuring her baby's bath water temperature.

Now, isn't this a cute little fellow!  This is the Ozeri Turtlemeter.  It's a fun and safe bath toy that also doubles as a bath thermometer.

On the top of the Turtlemeter, there is a water safe thermometer that tells you if baby's bath water is too cold, too hot, or just right.  This fun little gadget will dynamically calculate the bath water temperature in Fahrenheit every second, and you can easily read the temperature on the LCD screen.

How does it do this?  See those three little metal dimples down near the Turtlemeter's tail?  Those are the sensors.  Once the sensors touch water, these activate the Turtlemeter's ability to read the water's temperature.  There is no on/off button, it just turns on by itself.  It's perfectly safe for your baby to bathe with the Turtlemeter.  It's floats naturally, and can be fully submersible.

Here's the Turtlemeter in action.  As you can see the temperature here is registering 87.9° F.  The LCD screen is blue, and that means that the temperature is too cold for baby.  Once the temperature of the water reached 95° F....

...The Turtlemeter LCD screen turns green showing that the water is now safe for baby to bathe in.  If your water gets too hot...

...The Turtlemeter's LCD screen turns red (over 102.2° F).  You don't want to put baby in the water as the temp is too hot.  Just add some cold water to reduce the temperature until the Turtlemeter returns to a safe "green" temperature.

Once baby is done bathing, take the Turtlemeter out of the water.  It instantly turns off.  Remember, that while you are bathing baby, always keep a close eye on baby.  Accidents can happen in almost a blink of the eye.

Oh, how I wish I had one of these over 30 years ago.  It would have made a young mother much more confident by taking the guesswork out of checking baby's bath water temperature!  So happy that same wonderful little girl is now a mother herself, and will be using the safe and fun Ozeri Turtlemeter for her own children.

The Ozeri Turtlemeter is battery powered by three AAA batteries which are included and installed for you.  So it's already to go as soon as you open the package.  Get the Ozeri Turtlemeter at for only $13.15.  For my Canadian friend, you can purchase the Ozeri Turtlemeter at for only CDN$ 20.33.  You and your baby will just love this!  Makes a great gift as well for that new baby.

The Ozeri Corporation began as a boutique supplier of novel digital houseware products for the destination resort and hospitality markets, and is today a leading manufacturer of ultra-modern, lifestyle products and healthy living items for the home. Ozeri products fit into two categories. Its “housewares for modernity” products include items such as double-walled glassware, digital kitchen scales, electric wine openers, and fans with noise-reduction technology. Its “healthy living” products range from eco-friendly ceramic cookware to versatile step counters and advanced bath scales with weight management tracking.

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Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.
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