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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

#Review: Zitrades Low Voltage Security & Landscaping Flood Lights

We have a small low voltage solar system for our home.  Our little solar system came with two DC bulbs, but they were not the best quality and they quickly burnt out.  One thing that we have found hard to find at all of our local stores is low voltage DC lighting to go with our system.  Where to turn?  Amazon, of course, and Zitrades is a brand that we like.

Just a little while ago, I did do a review for the Zitrades Fairy Solar Lights.  We loved those little sweet lights.  When I was offered to review four of their low voltage DC flood lights, I really wanted to try these lights out with our low voltage system.  They are really working out for us.

ZITRADES IP66 Waterproof 20W RGB Security Led Flood light 12V Color Changing Special Effects
Zitrades sent me a 20 watt 20 Watt RGB Security LED Flood Light, a 10 Watt RGB Security LED Flood Light, and two 10 Watt White (cool white and warm white) Security LED Flood Lights.  The Zitrades Security LED Flood Lights are really an excellent light and value.  All of these lights work off of a 12 volt system such as your outdoor landscape lighting or, as we have, a DC solar system that we use to help us save on our electric bill or for emergency purposes.

ZITRADES IP66 Waterproof 10W DC 12V RGB Color Changing Special Effects LED Flood Light

The two RGB lights are not only excellent for security, but also for parties and holiday lighting.   These lights will flash through 16 different colors of lights, including white, or you can just set the light steady on any of these colors.  With the handheld remote control, you can set the color you want as well as a style you want the lights to shine.  You can set them to flash, strobe, fade, or run smoothly into the next color.

The wiring for the lights is blue and brownish red.  In DC lighting that brownish red is hot and the other wire is neutral.  It is different from AC lighting as black is hot and white is neutral.  This light wired ready for your already existing low voltage outdoor lighting or solar system, or you can even wire it so that it can be hooked up to your car battery.  There is not plug on the wires, you do have to connect it yourself.  It is not meant to be plugged into your existing AC system.  You do that and you will kill the lights as they are low voltage DC only.

The lights are low voltage LED.  They will shine out in a 120 degree angle clearly lighting what you want lit at night.  Being LED, the light contains no mercury, no Ultra violet rays, nor Infrared radiation.  These are energy efficient lights that save 70% of energy over a traditional flood lights so they are Eco-friendly and will save you money on your electric bills.  Meant to replace your old floodlights, but like I said before, they do need to be connected to a low voltage system which you can purchase at your local home improvement store or a solar system like what we purchased at Harbor Freight Tools.

ZITRADES IP66 Waterproof 10W DC 12V Warm White LED Flood Light

The light is waterproof and will hold up in a rain and water jets if you are using a pressure washer to clean something, but is not meant to be immersed water.  The Zitrades floodlights are rated IP66 which means that it is totally dust tight and it can withstand string water jets and waves. The cases are made of die-cast aluminum - not plastic, sealed with clear silicone, and the glass has been toughened to withstand shocks.

ZITRADES IP66 Waterproof 10W DC 12V White LED Flood Light

There is a back metal bracket to install the light.  With a metal bracket to mount the light, I don’t think this light is meant to be sitting on the ground; it should be mounted up on a pole off the ground.

This light is perfect for accenting your yard, your home or garage area, a piazza or porch, docks, even inside your home.  There are business applications as well.  Businesses can use this to light show windows, parking lots, billboards, or wherever a flood light is needed.

Water and dust proof - Sealed with clear silicone

This light comes with a one year warranty, so if anything should go wrong with the light, contact Zitrades first.  Do not dissemble or try to modify the light in any way as it will instantly void your warranty.  This light does get hot after it has been on for a while so, to avoid burns, don't touch it after it's been on all night on the high setting.

Remote will work with both of the RGB Flood Lights
Anyone who has installed their own landscape lighting or a solar system will find this security light enhancing.  If you know how to install yourself, go right ahead.  If you find that you are having some difficulties, you can contact a landscape contractor, or an electrician to install for you.  Electrical is actually a pretty simple concept and you can find books on basic electrical at your local home improvement store, or look through YouTube.  You'll be amazed at how many contractors are there showing how to connect wiring in plain simple terms.

To Buy: Each box comes with a nice box that is perfect for gift wrapping.  These lights all come with a 1 year warranty.

We have mounted the two white 10 watt flood lights in the house.  Why in the house?  Because they provide us with evening light so that we can be more independent from the electric grid in a more environmentally friendly way, plus, in the event of a power outage, we have emergency lighting.  We live in the desert, and the sun is always going to shine for us.  The RGB flood lights are outdoors being the security lights that we need.  We live quite far from main roads in the desert, and we need the security of bright lights, like these give us, to ward off miscreant off-roaders who are bent on thieving in the night.

The control box for our small solar system.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.
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