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Friday, July 31, 2015

Woodie Specs Red Sandalwood Watch - Back to School Pre-K to College Giveaway Event ends 08/22/15 US

It's August, and it's time to start getting the kids ready to go back to school.  I have a few of my boys that will be going back to college for the fall semester.  They have already chosen their classes, have been online researching the best prices for their new textbooks, looking for new clothes and shoes, and one wants a new watch.

One of my sons prefers to have a wristwatch for school and for going places.  He just prefers to have the time easily accessible on his wrist rather than always digging the phone out of his pocket.  This year for a back-to-school treat for him, he has a new cool hip watch from Woodie Specs.

With so many thanks to Woodie Specs, my son is going back to school in style with the Red Sandalwood Watch.  As my son puts it, "It's a cool hip watch!"  Well, for him, it's hip, for me, it's stylish mens wooden watch.

The Red Sandalwood Watch is really a sleek snazzy way to tell the time.  Each and every one is a handcrafted little work of art.  The watch casing and all the links are made with real high quality red sandalwood.  The richness of the solid sandalwood really highlights the natural wood grain.  Because the uniqueness of the red sandalwood watch, no two watches will every be exactly the same - why, you could say that each and every one is an original work of art.

At the heart of this distinctive watch, you'll find a Miyota Quartz Movement.  This battery powered movement keeps accurate time.  I synchronized the watch with my laptop when I received it just to test it, and they are still perfectly matched.  To help you remember what day it is, the watch is equipped with the date. (My son likes this!)

The watch face has a diameter of 50mm which is a pretty good size.  It's looks great on my son's wrist, but when we tried it on my daughter's, it was a bit too big for hers.  There are a few etchings around the face just to add a little more offbeat styling.  At night, the hands and the face glow in the dark.

You'll find this wood watch to be feather light when you wear it.  My son hardly notices it on his wrist.  It's an easy one-hand operations to put on and take off the watch with the stainless steel clasp.  The watch is water-resistant, but not water-proof.

The watch comes in only one size.  You can adjust it yourself by taking out a link or two, but I would recommend going to a jewelry in your area to size the watch.  Both my husband and my son are big boned with a large wrist, and the watch fit them perfectly without any adjustment.  (Wasn't it nice of my husband to model the watch for me).

To make the Red Sandalwood Watch an even more perfect Back-To-School gift, it comes in an elegant bamboo wood box.  It's the perfect place to put the watch in at night.  It will keep the watch from getting bumped around on a dresser or in a drawer.  Plus, it makes it easy to wrap.  Not only is this watch great for school, but would make a nice birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift.

My son really feels hip and cool wearing his new cool and  hip Red Sandalwood Watch from Woodie Specs.  Any student will love to wear this watch to school!

The Red Sandalwood Watch is just one of a number of real wood timepieces from Woodie Specs.  Each one of their wood watches can be paired with a matching pair of high quality wood sunglasses, which also come in a wood box of their own.

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Back-To-School Giveaway!  With many thanks to Woodie Specs, one person is going to win a Red Sandalwood Watch!  (arv: $109.00).  This giveaway will end on August 22, 2015, and is open to US residents 18+ only.  Good Luck!

This giveaway is just one of the Back To School Pre-K to College Giveaway Event hosted by Leah Say's Views and Planet Weidknecht.  Check out all the other great giveaways hosted by a bunch of other great bloggers.  Each one is different and worth $25 or more!

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