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Friday, August 7, 2015

#Audiosharp AS1318 Noise Isolating In Ear Headphones Review

My laptop, a gift from my daughter when she upgraded hers, does not have Bluetooth.  It's just a little trivial thing, but it has put me on the hunt for good headphones that have the capability of plugging into a 3.5mm audio jack.

Recently, I received the Audiosharp AS1318 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones to review.  They are really stylish looking headphones which really impressed me.  Here's what these headphones offer:

  • Built-in miniature 8.2mm dynamic drive unit, creating a very penetrating power in the high frequency performance.
  • Pure copper forging, surface through double plating processing, surface smooth feeling.
  • Unique one-piece process cavity, the transient low quality sting vocals, produce the high frequency penetration in the simple sense is strong.
  • Design simple fashion, from the cavity layout to guide pipes have been meticulously, universal noise reduction, lossless audio, compatible with all audio equipment.
  • Uses the Japanese CNC numerical control machine and hight precision cutting, grinding, precision metal texture, integral joint artificial learning design, special artistic breath.Using fiber optic cable grade transparent bulletproof imported from Japan silk headset wire, the wire with high strength, high elasticity, prevent sweat corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Transparent wire design, more fashion science and technology.

To be sure that these headphones fit in your ears properly, they come with three sizes of pro sound isolating ear tips - one of the ear tips is a memory foam type.  I prefer to wear these as they fit my small ear canals a little better - these are the ones off to the left.  The others are a rubber type material, and even though the smaller of these look smaller than the memory foam ones, they are not comfortable in my ears.

The protective hard case is a big plus with these headphones.  It's a great place to store them so that they don't get dirty.

As for the sound quality...well, I don't think these deliver the sound that they promise.  There is just not enough base.  I was disappointed with these.  I do have another pair of an expensive brand of headphones that plug in, but they are just too too uncomfortable to wear.  The sound quality is good enough for me, and these are much more comfortable than my other ones.  These are working for me for right now, but I will keep looking.

If you would like to check these out for yourself, you will find the Audiosharp AS1318 Noise Isolating In Ear Headphones at Amazon for a really good deal of only $15.99.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pmd68887eb62ebc7bafb5ad892919b44e2

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