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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Benefits of Drinking From a Copper Mug - Classique Maison Moscow Mule Solid Copper Mug Review

Since I am currently trying to clear the cupboard of plastic cups to replace with metal, glass, and ceramic, I've been reading some pretty interesting articles on copper.  Since I am in to more natural self-healing ways, the idea that drinking from a copper mug will provide me health benefits really is intriguing.

Copper is one of those important trace minerals that our bodies need.  Copper supports the utilization of iron, the development of our bones and connective tissues, the elimination of free radicals, and the production of melanin (the pigment that gives our hair, skin, and eyes their color).  It can also aid in your digestion by stimulating peristalsis, kills harmful bacteria, and reduces inflammation in your stomach.  Copper can help slow down aging, heal wounds faster, and helps maintain cardiovascular health.  In India, they have copper vessels that they store the water so that more copper can leach into the water for even more health benefits.

Drinking from a pure copper mug can add a unique taste to your drink which you otherwise wouldn't have. Copper also has the ability to keep its contents colder and longer than you would otherwise find with plastic.  You can feel it the metal itself when you put it to your lips and does seem different from other metals like stainless steel.  Now that you know what drinking from copper can do for you, the next step is to find a quality pure copper mug.

I find that the best copper mugs are Moscow Mule Mugs.  Yes, the ones meant for that classic vodka cocktail, and the pure copper mug sold from Classique Maison is one of the highest of qualities.  Being made of pure copper, you will find that their authentic Moscow Mule Mug is made from 100% solid copper.  It is not electroplated over stainless steel or nickel, just pure copper.

When drinking from a copper mug, you will want one that is beautiful, and the Classique Maison Moscow Mule Mug copper cups feature a beautifully hammered finish with a tarnish resistant, food-safe lacquer coating both on the inside and outside of the mug to protect its natural beauty and luster for years to come.  Each one is handcrafted, and a perfect little work of art.

Perfect for any cocktail, iced tea, soda, water, and any other cold drink!  Keep this mug in the freezer so you are ready for an impressively cold, refreshing drink anytime! Classique Maison Moscow Mule mugs feature a brass handle that does not transfer heat from your hand to the mug.

A copper mug is easy to take care of to keep its long lasting shine.  All you have to do is hand wash with warm water and liquid dish soap.  Then just towel dry with a soft cloth and you're done!  It's that quick and easy.

Classique Maison copper mugs are handcrafted by some of the best copper artisans in India. The 100% solid copper mug is adorned with a stylish, angular brass handle and bursts with vintage charm.  This angular handle may look different, but makes the mug very easy to hold.

Drinking from copper is an ancient practice that may have many health benefits.  I find drinking from copper makes me feel like I am drinking from a very classy vessel.  The 100% pure copper Moscow Mule Mug from Classique Maison is one of the most beautiful!

Disclosure: I received this mug in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.
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