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Friday, August 21, 2015

Borolux Classic Pie Dish Review: It's Shatter-Proof & Break Resistant Borosilicate Glass

Recently, I found myself musing about holiday cooking that is coming up.  I guess with kids starting back to school, it made me think about some of the delicious treats that we will be having for the upcoming holidays.  Pies are one thing that is always on the menu for our holidays - even birthdays!

I recently received the Borolux Classic Pie Dish to review.  Compared to our other pie plates, this one is huge!  We have many pie plates, even some that came from my dearly departed mother-in-law, yet none can compare to this borosilicate glass pie dish.  Oh, the wonders of cooking a pie in a glass dish are beyond compare.

So, what is borosilicate glass?  Do you remember your chemistry class in school and all those glass test tubes and beakers?  This is exactly the same glass, except it's heavier, thicker, and in a classic pie shape.  Borosilicate is so much better than other glass cookware as it's rated shatter-proof at  650° as long as you heat the pie dish in the oven while it's heating up.  You do have to avoid sudden and extreme temperature changes.

It has this beautiful wide fluted rim that will make your pies look fabulous once you cut them and put them on a plate. It gives you that space to be creative with the edges.  For my pumpkin pies, I like to cut leaves out and lay them on the edge.  On my regular pie plates, I have to be careful that they don't fall off.  No more worries, as with this Borolux Pie Dish, the leaves stay on!

It's a full 9.5 inches in diameter that is 1.6 inches deep, and holds 6 cups of filling.  It puts those old metal pie pans I have to shame.  The size of it makes one huge pie that can serve plenty of people.

Here my husband made us a cherry pie.  The Borolux Pie Dish cooked the crust to an even brown all the way around.  Use this glass pie pan everyday not only for making apple, cherry, pumpkin, sweet potato and lemon meringue pies, but also shepherd's pies, chicken pot pies, casseroles, potatoes, quiches, gratins of all kinds and even for reheating leftovers. You can serve elegantly and effortlessly from oven or microwave to tabletop.  Its versatility makes it a great addition to any kitchen.

Peach Pie is my Favorite!
Borolux is the safe alternative to other brands whose glass bakeware has been reported to explode, causing severe injuries.

Will not absorb odors or flavors and its non-porous surface offers superior resistance to scratches, stains and bacteria.

Tested to be shatter-proof, even at 650ºF, Borolux bakeware offers superior heat conductivity for consistent and even cooking.

Made right here in the USA, Borolux bakeware is designed to last a lifetime.

If you do a lot of holiday cooking, like we do, you are going to want to get at least one Borolux Pie Dish that you can so conveniently find at Amazon.  You'll also find at Amazon th Borolux Baking Dish - 9x13 Inch - Borosilicate Glass Baking Pan

Disclosure: I received this pie dish in exchange for an honest Amazon review.  All opinions are my own, and I received no compensation.
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