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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Shear Quality Scissors from #EvergreenSupply

For years I've been looking for scissors like what my grandmother owned.  These scissors were solid metal and could cut through almost anything.  She used her shears for dressmaking, and they were my dream scissors.  Until recently, I have never come across a pair of scissors that could even measure up to hers, let alone surpass them, that were in an affordable range.

I have found a pair of scissors that have surpassed Grandma's in quality and in performance.  From Evergreen Supply, here are the last pair of heavy-duty scissors that you will ever need to buy.  Sold exclusively at Amazon for an incredibly low price, these are absolutely the best scissors that I have ever held.

Are your current scissors hard to hold?  Do you find your hand cramping after a while?  I've never had that problem with these scissors from Evergreen Supply.  With the back rubberized coating on the handles plus how the handles are shaped, these scissors are super comfy to use.  If you have a smaller hand, like mine, to a larger hand, like my husband's, these scissors will be easy to use.

• Premium Industrial Grade Materials - High carbon steel is harder and stronger than the competitions standard stainless

• Razor Edge Retention - Blade stays sharp, even after running through the toughest materials

• Extreme Ergonomically Designed Comfort Grip - No more harsh metal grips. Rubberized handle hugs your hand comfortably for the quick precise cuts you need, without the pain

• Cut-Flat, Slanted Handle - The angled handle allows you to remain flat on the surface for easy, accurate cutting

• All Purpose- From the office to the workshop, for artists to students. From cutting paper, to fabrics, to leather, this is your tool

• Superior Quality & Technology - Built with supreme craftsmanship, these were made to last you a lifetime

• Comes with a plastic cover for the shears to protect them.  The box is a keeper, and like my grandmother, I'll be storing these scissors forever in that box.

Whether you will use these scissors for just around the house, for dressmaking or tailoring, for school, at the office, for even helping you to reupholster your furniture, these 9-inch shears, which will fit easily into a drawer, will cut through the heaviest of materials, leather, and fabrics.  I truly believe that these will be the last pair of scissors I will ever need to buy.  If I ever want another pair of scissors, I'll be getting a second pair of these.  Get the Evergreen Supply Heavy-Duty Scissors today at Amazon.  If you are not completely satisfied with these scissors, Evergreen Supply will give you 100% of your money back.

Disclosure: I did get these scissors for free from Evergreen Supply in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are mine alone.
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