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Friday, August 28, 2015

Sleep Beautifullly On OOSILK - High Quality Luxurious Silk Bedding

Silk.  Is there anything more luxurious to sleep on?  I don't think so.  Silk, no matter how you cut it, feels so soft and sweet up against the skin.  Where can you go to get the best quality of silk bedding?

Located in the country where silk first came about, OOSILK prides itself on bringing to the world quality silk bed linens.  At their Suzhou, China factory, OOSILK breeds silkworms, develops the thread, and weaves it into beautiful silk fabric.  They safeguard every step to carefully ensure the quality of their silk.  Only finest 100% Grade A long fibre mulberry silk is used in the production of their products.

There is such a selection of silk bedding available at OOSILK.  Choose from a full 6 piece silk bedding sheet set, a duvet cover, or just an individual sheet.  If you only want to lay your head upon silk, then you might just wish to get a pillowcase.  All of OOSILK's sheets are heavyweight 400 thread count, and come in eleven lovely solid colors with beautiful seamless sheen that will scintillate the senses.

I think what I like the most at OOSILK is their selection of silk comforters.  I have a fluffy feather quilt that I only use when it gets cold.  At OOSILK, they have comforters that can be used all year long!  You won't find feathers in the inside of OOSILK's comforters!  The OOSILK comforters are filled with 100% mulberry silk.  The silk comforters come in all sizes - even crib size for baby.  Silk is just as good for baby as it is for you to sleep on.

What has fascinated people for centuries about sleeping on and wearing silk?  Yes, it is a precious fabric that at one time was used as currency, but it's something more than that.  There are certain benefits to sleeping on silk:

Sleep Comfort -
Silk is acknowledged one of the most comfortable fabrics in the world as it is extremely smooth, soft, light, and never conducts static electricity or attracts dust mites. It is really the best choice for people who have sensitive skin.

It's Healthy -
Mulberry silk contains about 20 kinds of amino acids and natural cellular albumen we need which can effectively stimulate skin cell's metabolism.  Silk can effectively give our skin a baby smooth feel.  Silk does have the reputation of slowing down the aging process.

Keeps You Looking Your Best -
Silk pillowcases can also prevent your hair from getting knotted or matted.  I read at OOSILK that sleeping on a silk pillowcase can even prevent your hair from thinning.  Plus, sleeping on silk can reduce wrinkles.  Moreover, silk is also a very beautiful fabric to highlight your bedroom.

Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer -
Silk is breathable, and it is also a natural temperature regulator.  Silk can naturally adjust to the perfect temperature you need.  When the weather is cold, it can keep the warmth in; when the weather is hot, it releases the extra heat to keep you cool and comfortable.  Silk helps you to sleep better throughout the year.

Why should you buy your silk bedding from  OOSILK only sells the finest quality of mulberry silk.  They farm their own silk worms, and work with the silken threads from unwinding the delicate threads from the cocoons to weaving the fabric.  All of their luxurious silk bedding is handcrafted.

Do you need another great reason to get silk bedding at OOSILK?  For a limited time, you'll can get save up to 30% on OOSILK's bedding.  While looking throught their site, I found most of their items currently on sale. only uses high quality 100% Grade A long fiber mulberry silk!  From silkworm breeding to silk handcrafted, every step is carefully made to make you satisfied with your new silk bedding.

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