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Monday, August 24, 2015

The Mug That Won't Fall Over: Mighty Mug with Smartgrip Technology

When I write my reviews, I always have a cup of water or tea next to me.  I don't know how many times I have tipped that cup over and had to rush to get the laptop out of the way.  Worse still, is when I spill water next to our desktop computer in our room.  No matter where I spill, I have to rush to get something quickly to capture the liquid before it ruins any electronic equipment.

I recently discovered a new innovative mug that is designed to hold fast to your desk and will not tip over!  Have you heard of the Mighty Mug?  The Mighty Mug is the only no spill mug that has Smartgrip Technology.  Smartgrip Technology makes sure that the Mighty Mug stays firm on any smooth, flat, solid non-porous surface.

Mighty Mug provided me with a $30 gift card to go shopping.  I selected to review the Mighty Mug Solo in Stainless Steel.  We have really been having fun trying to get the mug to fall over, but it just won't.  Look how it grips the smooth tile in the photo above.  That tile weighs 1.25 lbs, and the mug is so stuck tight, that it won't let go of it.

Yet when you lift straight up, it comes right off.  Accidental spills for me are now a thing of the past!  My laptop, mouse, and my camera are now safe from me unintentionally bumping over my cup and sending water or tea all over the table.

Wondering how this is done?  The secret is the bottom of this mug.  You'll find here something like a suction cup.  It will hod fast when you try to bump it to the side, but will left easily when you pull it straight up.  It took some good smart thinking to make up the Smartgrip Technology, and you won't find this kind of grip on any other mug out there.

Mighty Mug comes in several different sizes and colors, but I chose to review the Mighty Mug Solo in pure high quality stainless steel - inside and out.  I really love the sleek look of stainless steel plus the design is quite fetching.  The Solo will hold 12 oz. of whatever you love to drink.  It's only 6" high, and will fit under most single serve coffee machines.

If I am going to invest in a new mug, I want it to be double insulated, and the Solo has a great insulating qualities.  I've put cold water in the mug at night, and by morning, what's still left inside is still quite cool - plus it's sweat-proof.  In the morning, I have tea in my mug.  It is supposed to keep hot drinks hot for 4+ hours, but mine, while it's good at keeping my cold drinks cold, doesn't quite make it to 4 hours hot.  That's really not a bother as I will have my tea down within a half hour.

Another great quality - leak proof lid.  Once the lid is closed, it won't leak!  Go ahead, shake it.  It's not going to leak.  The lid, when opened, clicks into place so that it won't ever get into your face as you drink.  The lid is made of BPA-free plastic.

I am so happy to have been able to review the Mighty Mug Solo in Stainless Steel.  It's perfect for me to use at home and on the road as it fits perfectly into the cup holder in our car.

The Mighty Mug Solo not only comes in the beautiful pure stainless steel but also six other lovely colors that are made of double-wall BPA-free plastic.   They also have a great selection of other sizes and shapes.  All Mighty Mugs come with Smartgrip Technology - Mighty Mug is the mug that won't tip over!

Featured in over 100 publications and television shows worldwide, Mighty Mug and its patented Smartgrip Technology is sure to excite and amaze your friends and family.   Whether you are looking for a vacuum insulated mug to keep your beverage warm on the go, an ice tumbler for those hot summer days, or a travel mug to fit your single serve coffee machine, there is a Mighty Mug tailored to your needs.

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Disclosure: I did receive a $30 gift card to Mighty Mug to purchase any of their mugs that I wished to review. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.  No other compensation was received.  Sorry, but the giveaway needed to be stopped.
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