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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Travel In Total Comfort - Enzo Travel Neck Pillow

On a long car trip, while someone else is driving, do you ever find that you want to fall asleep.  I do.  After a long day in the passenger seat I will find myself getting drowsy.  Once my eyelids close, I'm out - until the car comes to a stop.  I've hurt my neck on a few occasions when my head fell forward.

The last few long trips we took, I've used a travel neck pillow that I got for a review - the Enzo Travel Neck Pillow.  Now when I find myself falling asleep in the late afternoon, I put this on my neck and fall asleep peacefully knowing that I won't hurt my neck if we come to a sudden stop.  Plus, it cradles my head in comfort.

I am finally looking forward to my next plane trip.  The seats in a plane, because I am small, have always been uncomfortable for me since the headrest is way too high.  Now I have the perfect support for my neck to rest in comfort on the plane.  I can and do fall asleep on a long flight especially when there is turbulence - yes, strange, but turbulence just rocks me to sleep.  I usually wake with a cramped neck, but I know the Enzo pillow will protect my neck.

Did you know more than 1/3 of Americans travel long distance every year?


58% of people experience pain when travelling by plane

21% of Pain Suffers from Travelling are Neck Pain. Another Study shows that 10-15% of the populations at large suffers neck pain.

The main cause is pro-long setting and sleeping in un-natural position (both of which is a major part of travelling).

You may not know this but neck pain treatment can use you maximum 6 therapy sessions (45 minutes per session) at your local chiropractors.

SOLUTION is the Enzo Travel Neck Pillow.  Their unique design offers maximum lower neck support with centre spine and quality cervical neck support.  A premium quality of memory foam is used that is designed to rebound slowly and conform to pressure exerted against it.  The cooling gel lumbar support prevents excess heat, reduces neck pain and muscle tension while travelling with this pillow.  Enzo uses thin layer A grade of cooling gel that is highly absorbent preventing your neck from getting overheated and the thin layer allows you to feel the full comfort of memory foam without feeling like sleeping on liquid.

The luxurious velour cover is made of 75% cotton and 24% polyester.  Velour was the chosen fabric to cover the pillow because of it's thin multi-layer fabric that gives the pillow the luxurious glow we all love.

It's non toxic, hypoallergenic, and easy to take with you.  You can either fold the pillow and carry it with its included storage pouch or clip it to your luggage.  There is a button lock on the front of the pillow that makes it easy to take with you.  Just clip it on to your luggage as you pass through the airport.

Plus, purchasing the Enzo travel neck pillow gives to a worthwhile cause.  10% of all earnings in profit will be donated to raise awareness about GLOBAL WARMING by partnering up with World Wildlife Organization. All proceedings will go to its 'ADOPT A POLAR BEAR' program, saving polar bears from losing their natural habitat.

I am so totally happy with this travel pillow from Enzo.  Taking long trips is much more enjoyable.  I will be using this pillow excessively next month when I take a long drive back to see my daughter.  If you would like to have the benefits of some travel luxury, get the Enzo Travel Neck Pillow Today at Amazon.  It's currently on sale, plus your purchase will benefits the habitat of the polar bears!

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pm4dcc45e9d02ac1b27fe544687d823bac

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