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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

American Flag Windsock - Show Your American Pride By Displaying the Stars & Stripes

We have already been displaying some American pride for this Labor Day by having this beautiful American Flag Windsock fluttering in the breeze in front of our home.

This Zcutt Home Goods 60-inch American flag windsock has six flowing red and white tails and is made of high-quality polyester and a brass, swivel hanging inglefield clip. These windsocks flow beautifully in the breeze.

★ Quality Materials: Made of high-quality polyester fabric -- weather and fade resistant for long lasting sharp, vivid colors. Enjoy year-round.

★ Hang Anywhere: These windsocks can easily be hung from just about anywhere with the included swivel clip, even places a traditional flag might not fit. No pole or extra brackets required.

★ Classic Decoration: Show off your patriotism with one or more windsocks for holidays, outdoor advertisements, sports events, promotions, festivals, garden decoration and as a classic everyday decoration. Great for homes and businesses.

★ Satisfaction Guaranteed: With our 30-day Money Back and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you know you will receive a quality windsock from Zcutt Home Goods.

This is a high quality windsock.  I've checked how it was put together and everything is sewn well. The fabric is tough and will take the wind - which we have plenty of.  I've had it up for a week in the wind, and it is doing great.  The six foot size can be seen from quite a ways away.  Love showing off my American Pride!

Where can you get this to display your American Pride?  Get the American Flag Windsock at Amazon!  It's priced right so while you are getting one for yourself, you can afford to get an extra for a gift.

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