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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cyrrus Mini Bike Air Pump - Don't Be Stranded Without One

If my niece isn't in the water swimming, she is cycling.  Here, there, and everywhere.  It's just something that she loves to do.  Just a few months ago, she was cycling in some hills and one of her tires went flat.  She ended up walking her bike home.  It made me think, she needed something to handle a situation like this.

With thanks to Cyrrus, she now has a great mini air pump that attaches right to the frame of her bike for tire emergencies.  It's so light weight that she hardly notices that she even has something attached to her bike.

Mini Bike Pump For Inflating Tires On The Go

Don't Be Stranded Without One!

- As an avid cyclist, do you want to eliminate the fear of a flat tire stopping you in your tracks?
- Do you want to have properly inflated tires at all times for optimum performance?

- Designed to last you for as long as you own a bike, made of the best CNC Aluminium.
- Very Portable, very light, you can carry it in your pant pocket, for anytime use.

- Comes with a needle for inflating basketballs and soccer balls.
- Comes with handy clip with velcro strap for attaching the pump onto the bike frame.
- Presta And Schrader Compatible

Along with the Cyrrus bicycle tire air pump I did get her a patching kit.  She is ready to hit the roads again.

If you want light weight safety attached to your bicycle, then you have to get the Cyrrus Sports Mini Bike Pump!  It's easily available at Amazon and backed by a Lifetime No Questions Asked Warranty, too.

Disclosure: I did receive this for free in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.
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