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Saturday, September 19, 2015

#Giveaway - #LemonHero No-Tie Shoelaces - Enter to Win One of Two Pairs - ends 9/25/15 US

Do you ever find that shoelaces are a bit of a bother?  I have always liked to just keep my shoes loose enough to slip right on, but they do tend to be loose on my feet.  Recently, I have received a pair of Lemon Hero No-Tie Shoelaces.  These are elastic shoelaces that you never need to tie again.  Just put them on, adjust them to your feet, and you are ready to slip your shoes on and off with ease.

These shoelaces were designed for sports and everyday use.  They are also helpful for seniors adn people with disabilities who have problems bending to tie their shoes.

No-Tie Shoelaces are more comfortable and far more convenient than traditional shoelaces as they are quick and easy to adjust!  No more loose laces that you have to re-tie.  Just slip your shoes on!

Elastic shoelaces stretch so they give a little on impact to spread out the tension evenly across the top of your foot.  You'll find that these will help to improve the blood circulation in your feet.

The Lemon Hero No-Ties Shoelaces are long lasting.  They always look clean and new as they won't hold in dirt.

I just love my pair.  Makes putting on my running shoes a breeze.  Keeps my shoes from feeling too tight across my foot, and my feet do feel much more comfortable.

Purchase LemonHero No-Tie Shoelaces at today, and give your shoes a fast slip on with lots of comfort.

Lemon Hero wants you to really enjoy their products. If you don't for any reason just send it back and they will replace the item or just give you a refund. Their only condition is that you let them know why so that they can improve the product which will help future customers.


You'll find the giveaway at Royalegacy's Facebook Page

Disclosure: I received a pair of Lemon Hero No-Tie Shoelaces to review for free.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.
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