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Thursday, September 3, 2015

GIVEAWAY Meal Preppies Containers: Send Them Out With a Nutritious Meal Prepared By You - ends 9/20 US

With school here, it's time to think of our children's diets when it comes to school food.  I never had to worry about what my kids were get to eat all the way until they entered college as we homeschooled each one.  Yet college is different.  Once my kids started the university, all they found in the cafeteria was high priced food, a bunch of fast food shops, and vending machines full of candy.  Needless to say, since they were brought up with good nutritious food, they still wanted that, and brought their lunches to school with them.

Now that I only have one left in college, he is just like his older siblings, he takes his lunch and dinner to college with him.  His meals usually consist of a sandwiches, fruit, and some homemade cookies.  He has to be careful with his sandwiches as they my get squished in his big lunch box.  Isn't it dreadful to end up with squished food?

No more squished food!  Now I pack both his lunch and dinner into convenient containers from Meal Preppies.  No need for a bunch of zip-lock bags anymore.  The Meal Preppies Containers keep his food fresh and because they are so sturdy, no more squished food.

The Meal Preppies Containers is not only the perfect item to bring your food with you in, but will also help you with calorie control portions.  The three compartments, the larger one: 3 5/8"x 6 1/8", the two smaller ones are each: 4"x 2.75", will help you to take control of portion sizes and keep a person from packing way too much food for one meal.

As a rule of thumb, weight loss and weight maintenance is generally 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise, so it's really important to eat healthy meals. However, most individuals are time deprived due to work, school, family, etc  which causes them to grab the quickest and most closest meal near them (which is usually unhealthy).  We, too, are guilty of this infraction at times, but try our best to always eat healthy.

Lid snaps on and stays on until you take it off.
At Meal Preppies, they believe that in order to eat well, one must prep well.   Order you set of 10 MEAL PREP CONTAINERS today so that you can deliver the best meals to a loved one! This set also includes a Reusable Plastic Smoothie Cup which is perfect for your daily Protein or Green Smoothie on the go.

They are great for your daily prep menus:

  • Save money due to less eating out
  • Portion control
  • Lower calorie intake
  • Convenience
  • Meal planning
  • Save time
  • Stack together to save room in the cupboard
  • Very durable and safe
  • Comes with a great insulated smoothie cup, lid, and straw

Full size of at container is 9 7/8"x 7 1/2"x 1 3/4"  The containers can fit in a lunch box, a purse, and refrigerators.  You can also prepare some meals in advance and stack them in the freezer.  These containers are microwave safe, freezer safe, and dishwasher safe.  They can withstand temperatures between 0° to 250° F.

Make Meals In Advance or a Bunch for a Picnic
Since my husband is a contractor, I now pack his lunches in a Meal Preppies Container as well.  It's perfect for him to take to work for his cold lunches.  I'll be giving a few of these to my son-in-law as well.  He always packs his own lunch for work and then zaps it in the microwave.  My family loves good healthy food from home!

At Meal Preppies, they believe in the idea of selling a healthy lifestyle whereas, most companies focus solely on selling a product. Their mission is to encourage individuals to Prep Well so they can Eat Well daily. In today’s society, most of us are very busy individuals. We are working, taking care of our children, older loved ones and eating healthy is usually the last thing on our minds. By preparing our meals in advance, we have a better chance of eating healthier!

Meal prep containers are perfect for individuals who have structured meal plans such as diabetic, cardiac and high cholesterol patients. They are also great for those who desire to lose weight through calorie and portion control.

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Your culinary side is waiting for you to create new nutritious different food varieties for your special someone!  With many thanks to Meal Preppers, one person is going win a 5-pack of Meal Preppers Containers with a Smoothie Cup so that you can whip up some fabulously nutritious meals for your loved ones.  This giveaway will ends on September 20, 2015, and is open to US residents 18+ only.

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Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own, based on my personal experience with the product.

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