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Thursday, September 17, 2015

#ShopletReviews - Hammermill 28lb Paper For Your Special Printing Needs

There are just sometimes you want a quality paper to copy on.  For me, I have a huge sheet music collection that is filled with very old sheet music.  Some of it is very brittle, and I don't want to handle it too much.  I found the best way of being able to play the old music is to copy it.  Everyday 20lb paper is good for general printing, but for my sheet music, I want something a little more stable and thicker.

With many thanks to, where you can get all the office supplies you will ever need, they sent me a ream of Hammermill Color Copy 28lb Paper for my laser printer.

This Hammermill paper is quality color copy paper.  The 28lb thickness is perfect for my sheet music.  It's sturdy to stand up and rest on the piano to play the music.  It does not wilt down like 20lb paper.  The paper itself is 100 brightness, and it is nice and bright.  It is a very smooth paper with a bright almost satiny sheen.

It works so well with color ink.  My son printed a few pictures for one of his college classes that he needed for illustrations.  It held the color ink well, the ink did not spread, and the colors were more vibrant.  The pictures were so excellently reproduced that I will be printing some regular pictures on this paper to frame.

I also think this Hammermill paper is great for printing legal documents with.  Since I am away from home, I printed up our medical directives on this paper to take with us.  This paper makes it look like I got my directives straight from the lawyers office.

I am so happy with this paper.  Yes, I am keeping it set aside to use basically for my sheet music and for some pictures.  I am not going to let my son print his college work with it, but if he needs something special for one of his classes, I think that teacher will be mesmerized by the quality.

  • Copy paper combines an extra smooth surface and high brightness to produce exceptional color images.
  • This heavyweight sheet is designed to run on small and large offset presses, copiers, laser printers, inkjet printers and fax machines that use plain paper.
  • Super bright photo white delivers excellent image contrast and color reproduction.

I really must thank the people at Hammermill for sending me this wonderful package to review for  Along with the paper came a little stuffed zebra, one of their signature animals, and a color change mug.

I know that Shoplet has everything for your business like office furniture to all your basic cleaning supplies.  They also have items that you can use at home such as medical supplies.

Disclosure: I received this package to facilitate this review.  All opinion are my own, and no other compensation was received.

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