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Thursday, September 17, 2015

#ShopletReviews - Need a New Stapler? Has Just What You Are Looking For

My son was getting after me before he started school that he needed a new stapler.  Whenever I went downtown to look for one, I could never find one that I liked.  I guess I am a little finicky when it comes to buying an item that needs to last for a while.  The last one I bought, I thought would last for years, but because it broke sooner than expected, I am avoiding that brand.  I did find a great stapler, in fact two, at

I really believe that I have two new quality staplers that are really going to last. kindly sent me a Stanley Bostitch Dynamo Stapler and a Swingline Speed Pro 25 Electric Stapler.  The Bostitch Dynamo is perfect for my son and for the others in the house.  In my office, I have the Swingline Speed Pro 25 Electric Stapler ready and waiting for the papers that I need to staple together.

My son will put the Stanley Bostitch Dynamo Stapler in this beautiful candy apple red into his backpack to take to school with him.

20 sheets of paper securely stapled together.
It is a regular size stapler that will staple together a full 20 sheets of paper at once.

On the bottom of the stapler, you'll find a place to store extra staples held in place with a rubber holder.  The rubber has a two-fold purpose here.  It's a soft cover for the compartment which is less likely to break like hard plastic can do, plus it will keep the stapler from sliding around while you are working with it.  Also, you can see that in the rear of the Bostitch Dynamo is a pencil sharpener.  This is one of the reasons why my son tucks this into his backpack to take with him to college - it's hard to find regular old pencil sharpeners.

The Bostitch Dynamo does hold a full strip of staples.  Plus when it is getting low, there is a little window that will alert you that you need to refill the stapler.

If you need to open this stapler up to staple up some pictures on the wall - like in a classroom setting - this stapler will do it for you.  For added convenience, the Dynamo can be effortlessly opened 180 degrees for tacking or craft use.  Another great feature is that you don't have to worry about who uses the stapler as it has Antimicrobial Protection!  I don't think there is anything about this stapler that we don't like.  It's just perfect.

Do you do a lot of stapling and need up to 25 sheets of paper stapled at once?  Then you do need an electric stapler, and the Swingline SpeedPro Electric Stapler is what you are looking for.  This is the stapler that can tackle what you need.

  • The Speed Pro 25-sheet electric stapler is 3X faster than standard electric staplers and jam free, to increase your stapling productivity.
  • Plus, it uses standard staples for maximum convenience.
  • Stapler Type: Electric Staple Capacity: Full Strip 210 Staples Size of Staple Used: 1/4" Type of Staple Used: Standard.

To refill, you just press a button in the back and pull out the strip.  

I use this only intermittently, but this would be great for offices, teachers, and for us home schoolers, too.  It's so easy to just put the paper in the slot and it comes out stapled.  Just don't keep the paper in the slot too long as you will get more than one staple in the paper.

When I look for office supplies, I never go down to my nationwide department store that it seems that ever city in our nation has.  I can't find what I need there anymore as their shelves are always half empty and filled with cheap items.  At, I can find all the office supplies that I need and at great prices.

Whatever you need for you business, you will find at Shoplet from cleaning supplies to office furniture.  For personal use, Shoplet also carries quality medical supplies.

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