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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Soft Checkered Fun Colored Wide Headband Set of Five

Both of my daughters and I love our long hair, but sometimes it just gets in the way.  To keep our hair out of our eyes we usually put it in a pony tail or use a headband.  We have plenty of headbands in the house, but none are as colorful as this newest headband set that I recently received to review.

From CoverYourHair comes this cute checkered headband set that comes in five different colors. You can fold it and wear it as a smaller headband as my daughter is wearing above - or...

You can unfold them to cover your head.  They are great for my daughters' head size, but are a bit too small for me.  They do keep tight on your head with an elastic band at the bottom.  Once this elastic gets a little more loosened up, which all elastic does, it will fit my hair well.

 Very nice sturdy material - not cotton; some sort of polyester - and that makes it more durable. The material will not be easy to rip. All the seams are well sewn, and the raw edges of the material in the top of the headband have been sewn to keep the material from fraying.

If you are looking for a nice set of headbands with colors that will match most casual everyday outfits, then you may want to consider getting this set.  My daughters really like them a lot.  Get this headband set at Amazon.
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