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Friday, October 9, 2015

#FSLGunblockEarDefenders - Hearing Protection While Shooting

My son loves to go to the range to do some target shooting.  It's a love that he learned while young from his great-grandfather, and is now a passion with him.  Since my great-grandfather died when he was quite young, my son is self-taught when it comes to firearms.  I don't mind his passion for firearms at all since I know that gun safety is the utmost importance with him.  Another safety precaution that is important to him is to keep his hearing safe.

Shooting firearms can be quite noisy.  I should know as on occasion I will go with him to the range, and find that my hearing, which was damaged while listening to Chopin with headphones in high school, gets bothered by the sound of loud gunfire.  In order to keep his hearing protected, my son uses special earmuffs that are made just protection your hearing from the loud pops of gunfire.  Lately, my son has been using the FSL Gunblock Folding Earmuffs that I received recently to review.

There are so many of us that enjoy spending a few hours practicing in a shooting range or hunting in the great outdoors.  But you know the potential damage to your hearing simply isn't worth the risk. Protect your ears with the FSL Gunblock Folding Earmuff and enjoy your favorite hobby stress free!

Durable and reliable
The FSL Gunblock Ear Defenders folding earmuff is made from high quality materials only to ensure it will last for years. When you go hunting, chances are you'll encounter some tricky conditions -wind, dust, mud. We built these ear defenders to last through intense activity. Moreover, the supreme quality materials create a luxurious feel, so you can wear them comfortably for hours!

Perfect fit
The adjustable cups slide down the headband to fit your head size perfectly.

Protect your hearing
With high NNR/SNR, you can rest assured that our folding earmuff will keep your ears 100% safe, so you can enjoy the shooting range without any worries.

Easy to store
The FSL ear defenders are foldable for higher efficiency. That means they're more portable and when you're done with them they won't take up much space.

Easy to open
Most earmuffs come in complex, hard plastic packaging that's simply impossible to manage!  FSL designed theirs with user comfort in mind, so it comes in a hassle-free package that won't take forever to open.  They also took special care to use Eco friendly packaging, so you can do your bit towards saving the planet!  My son finds it's a great box to store the earmuffs in.

Guaranteed quality
FSL Gunblock Ear Defenders come with a 3 year warranty and FSL lifetime support.  You can get these hearing protection earmuffs at Amazon.

My son has been really busy since college has started.  With both school and work, he hasn't had much time to get to the range so I don't have any pictures of him sporting these new headphones.  He does say they are very comfortable on, and loud noises are not a bother at all.  The picture above shows him wearing the FSL Patriot Headphones that I did a review for a few months ago.

Another little side note.  Don't thing that the FSL Gunblock Ear Defenders are just for shooting.  Because they do protect your hearing from loud sounds of gunfire, these earmuffs will also protect your hearing from loud work noises or wherever you may be where loud noises may effect your hearing.  I like using them when I need to use my husband's shop vac.

Disclosure:  I received the FSL Gunblock Ear Defenders in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions above are my own.


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