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Friday, October 2, 2015

Let Wine Breathe in a Crystal Glass Wine Decanter

Most of the red wines, especially a young red wine, that we buy require some aerating which in wine talk means that they need to breathe.  Why does a wine need to breathe? The tannins in red wine make the wine taste a little harsh. Exposing the wine to air or oxygen gets the more subtle flavors of the wine to come to life, and to comfortably settle into its true taste and character.  You'll be able to taste the wine as it should, and not tasting some of those harsh notes of tannin.  This is especially helpful if you buy younger wines, like I do as they are a bit less expensive, as the tannins in these wines will make the wine a harsh to the palate.

How can you let a red wine breathe?  As I stated, just opening up the bottle does not let enough oxygen to get down to the wine.  I did just pour ours into our glasses about 20 minutes before we would indulge at dinner, but I once had a glass spill and ruin a good tablecloth.

What's another good way of aerating wine?  How about a crazy looking decanter that was created to give wine a fast breather!  Recently, I got this very interesting crystal wine decanter in exchange for an honest review.  That large base of the decanter allows your wine to get maximum aeration and therefore let's the wine's more subtle flavors come forth.  When you aerate your wine in a decanter, in wine terms you decant the wine.

This wine decanter from Bella Vino is made just the right way to aerate or decant your wine.  It's been elegantly designed from lead-free crystal glass to soften the flavor of your red wine before you drink it.

Even thought it was made from thick and durable lead-free crystal, it is lightweight and very easy to pour from.  The glass isn't without flaws, but I think these little flaws add character to the decanter.

To be sure that you don't spill, the spout was carefully designed to pour with no mess.  You can pour your wine smoothly and easily.  There is no lid to the decanter, so I just pour the leftover wine back into the bottle to store.

The lovely design looks elegant on our table.  Even without wine, it makes a beautiful centerpiece on our table, and quite a conversation piece.

This wine decanter from Bella Vino with its big round bottom does just as it promises, it aerates or decants the red wine to soothe the tannins in the wine to enhance the flavor.  It with give your wine that flavor that you expect a wine to taste like by letting it comfortably ‘settle’ into its taste and character.

If you would like to decant your red wine, get the Bella Vino Crystal Wine Decanter at Amazon.

Disclosure: I received this item in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received.  All the opinions above are my own.


Marie Moody said...

Well, isn't that just too too elegant. Only thing is I have a small house and I really have to watch what I bring home lately it's just too too much. Now I've been cleaning so much because we have mice! ewwww GROSS

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