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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Need a Large Cutting Board For Thanksgiving? The Slice & Serve Alton Bay Bamboo Cutting Board

Being at my daughter's, we have found her kitchen a bit lacking in cooking utensils.  One item she really needed was a good size cutting board.  A large cutting board is necessary when you want to cut pizza, roasts, a turkey for Thanksgiving, just to name a few.  With many thanks for Alton Bay Bamboo, my daughter now has a nice big one that will help her out in the kitchen.

Alton Bay Bamboo sent me this huge cutting board to review.  It's an extra large cutting board that measures 18 inches long and 12 inches wide.  When you cut into a roast or a turkey, you will have natural juices that will run from the meat.  This cutting board has a nice deep groove around the edges that will capture those juices and keep them from running all over your table or countertop.

This is not a flimsy cutting board either.  It's a full 0.8 inches thick!  It's stacked three layers high of bamboo.  This board is not going bend on you when you carry the board from one place to another with a heavy load on top.

This extra large cutting board not only can handle your big roasts, but is great as a prepping area.  Cut up your veggies, home made bread, lettuce, onions, a big watermelon...whatever you need to cut and prep for your meal, this is the board to use.

The opposite side of the board is totally flat with no meat groove.  It gives the cutting board a two-fold purpose as this side can be used as a serving tray.

A cutting board made of bamboo is your best choice.  Not only is it stronger than maple, but it is a sustainable harvested resource.  When bamboo stalks are harvested, the whole plant is not destroyed.  Within 3 to 5 years, the plants are ready once again to be harvested.  Another benefit of bamboo over other hard woods - bamboo will keep your cutlery sharper longer.

Bamboo is also naturally anti-microbial.  Once you clean and dry it, you don't need to worry about germs or food-born illnesses with bamboo.  It's easy to clean, too.  Just hand wash in the sink, let it dry, and put it away.  This cutting board is not dishwasher safe.

My daughter is ready for her Thanksgiving turkey!  If you are in need of a big cutting board for your Thanksgiving Feast, then I highly recommend the Alton Bay Bamboo Extra Large Cutting Board available at Amazon for a great deal.

Disclosure: I received the Alton Bay Bamboo Cutting Board deeply discounted in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.
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