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Monday, November 30, 2015

#HolidayGiftGuide - Elegana Premium Ceramic Kitchen Knives

My husband is quite the chef in our home.  He certainly enjoys cooking, but in order for him to cook, he likes are high quality knives for him to work with.  For him, if it isn't a well-made knife, then you have wasted your money.  All of the knives my husband likes to use are made of high carbon steel...until recently.

Here is a set of ceramic kitchen knives that has won the approval of my husband.  This is a beautiful ceramic knife set from Elegana.  My husband likes how these ceramic knives are super sharp and cut through most foods with ease.  Ceramic knives are much more lighter than you steel knife, thus lessening hand fatigue.  Plus there is a certain gleam to the blades that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Here's what this handsome set includes in its lovely gift box:
- 6" chef ceramic knife with a blue handle and lighter blue sheath to fit it;
- 5" santoku ceramic knife with a red handle and a pink sheath to fit it;
- 4" fruit ceramic knife with a yellow handle and a buttery yellow sheath to fit it;
- 3" paring ceramic knife with a green handle and a lighter green sheath to fit it;
- Multi-use ceramic peeler; and
- Polishing Microfiber Cloth

The Elegana Ceramic Knives are very easy to work with.  The handles are made to fit well in the hand and are ergonomically designed to lessen hand fatigue when you have a lot of chopping and cutting to do.  You will also find that the handles are made to keep out of your way when you are doing some fast chopping - they are smaller than the blade.  This will keep chopping smoothly and efficiently.

My husband has always preferred to work with a chef's knife above all other knives.  He believes that a chef's knife is your all-purpose knife that can do most of your chopping and cutting needs.  The Elegana Ceramic Chef's Knife, with its 6" blade, works quite well for my husband.  He says that there are times that he will want a larger blade for some foods, but 6" is a good all-around length that can handle most foods.  This ceramic chef's knife took on his pork roast and sliced it like butter giving us all a nice, but not too heavy portion.

Here's a knife that I like working with, a Santoku knife.  A Santoku knife is considered a small Japanese cleaver that is great for smaller hands to work with - like mine.  One reason to have a Santoku in the kitchen is that it can thinly slice your vegetables or give them a good dicing.  Since I am mainly the veggie preparer for my hubby, this light-weight Elegana Ceramic Santoku knife really makes my job much easier.

The 4" ceramic knife with its yellow handle will help you cut up your fruit.  Basically this knife is a large paring knife.  As with all of these knives, this 4" ceramic knife slices through fruit like its butter.  I'll be using this one soon enough as our crop of Meyer lemons will be picked very shortly.   This knife also takes on avocados like a champ.  Like all the knives, the fruit knife has a razor sharpness and it's ergonomically designed handle feels good to hold.

A paring knife is another frequently used knife in the house.  The Elegana ceramic paring knife with its green handle is perfect for peeling vegetables and fruits, but also for skinning and cutting a a clove of garlic, a pearl onion.  We also use a paring knife to cut venting holes in the top crust of a pie, or to cut fruit and vegetables to make pretty food art.  This little ceramic paring knife, too, is ultra sharp and so easy to hold.

I can't forget the peeler that comes with this set.  It does have a ceramic blade and takes the peel off potatoes, apples, whatever you need peeled lickety split.  It isn't like your regular peeler as you can only use this peeler one way.  

The peeler comes in the box ready for a right handed person.  That's great for most of the population, but I'm a lefty.  It's easy to flip the blade around, and to put it back once again.  It's definitely a nice looking peeler, and I have found that it's much easier to clean than your standard metal peeler.  You can really get into the edges.

I appreciate how easy the knives are to work with.  Chopping an onion, celery, meat, etc. becomes a quick chore because of the ultra sharpness of the knives - 2x's sharper than metal. Plus the Elegana Ceramic Knives have such a pretty shine, and will will stay sharper for a much longer period than a steel knife.

Bonus microfiber polishing cloth included

What else do I notice with this Elegana Ceramic Knife Set.  This whole set was made with stringent standards. which is a new Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) technology that creates a blade HARDER, STRONGER, and the crafted blade edges are up to 30% sharper than other ceramic blades out there on the market. They are BPA free, FDA & LFGB certified, germ resistant since the blades are non-porous, non-porous also means that they will never absorb odors from foods, and they will never rust.

The Elegana 10 Piece Premium Ceramic Knife Set with their beautiful mirror finish with ultra sharp blades comes in this beautiful gift box.  This set would make an elegant holiday gift for someone special, plus it won't break you at the bank.

Disclosure: I got this in exchange for a professional review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions on this knife set are my own.

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We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family.  How was your Thanksgiving?

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

May you have a Blessed Thanksgiving.  My family and I are taking today to thank Our Lord for all the bounteous blessings that He has bestowed upon us.  We are thanking Him for giving us the strength and grace we needed to persevere through hard times.  I am also thanking God for blessing me with all of you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#HolidayGiftGuide: Thinkbaby All-In-One Bottle System & Safe Baby Care Essentials Set Review

My oldest daughter has now graced me with two grandchildren, a little girl born last year, and just a few months ago, a little grandson.  Oh, how thrilled I am as I was there when he arrived.  My top job while visiting her was to take help take care of my granddaughter.  It has been a while since I took care of a toddler, and was a little tiring on me, but just having her near me almost all the time made all the aches and pains worth it.

While visiting, my daughter and I had a chance to check out some great products from Thinkbaby.  They kindly sent us the All-In-One Set and the Baby Care Set.  My daughter just loves them!

The All-In-One Set from Thinkbaby will grow with your baby from infant to 4+ years of age.  The Thinkbaby All-In-One comes with:
  • Two x Stage A nipple (for 0 to 6 months and marked with a number 2 on the nipple)
  • Two x Stage B nipple (for 6 to 12 months and marked with a number 3 on the nipple).
  • Two x 9oz bottle bases made from polypropylene
  • Two x Travel tops
  • Two x The Sippy Handles
  • Two x Stage C - Sippy Spouts (9 to 24 months)
  • Two x Stage D - Thinkster Tops (18 to 48 months+)

My little grandson is a fully fledged breastfed baby, but due to some problems that my daughter had, thrush in her mammary glands, my granddaughter ended up being bottle fed.  I wish that she grew up with the Thinkbaby bottles.  Because of Thinkbaby's unique one-piece venting system, she would have had a lot less gas and spitting up.

This is a system that grows with your baby.  It starts our with the perfect baby bottle with the softest of soft silicone nipples.  Once your child get's old enough, don't throw out that bottle, just replace the nipple with a sippy spout.  You can even add a handle for your child.  One your child gets bigger, and ready for a straw cup, just screw on the Thinkbaby Thinkster top. The straw features a cross cut design so they do not spill when held upside down, which obviously happens quite often.  The top of the bottle features a easy to close cover to keep it from coming into contact with foreign substances.  This is definitely one of the best systems that both my daughter and I have looked at.

When my husband and I got to my daughter's, she was having a bit of trouble getting our granddaughter away from her bottle to go to a sippy cup.  My granddaughter was unhappy with each and everyone that my daughter got for her until the Thinkbaby arrived.  We came to find out that she did not like that handles on the cups.  She really likes the to sip out of these bottles with the sippy top.

My daughter has found that she prefers the Thinkbaby system over the other vented baby bottles that she had used for her daughter.  She loves the ease that it is just a one piece venting system rather than several pieces.  I don't know how long she plans to breastfeed her son, but I do know that when she is ready to wean, she has the Thinkbaby All-In-One System on hand.

The other package that we received from Thinkbaby was their  Baby Care Essentials Set.  This is an affordable set of items that one would use almost everyday for their baby:

  • Shampoo and Body Wash
  • Baby Lotion
  • Bubble Bath
  • SPF 50+ Baby Sunscreen (an award winner)
This gift set contains full size products.  All the bottles are a full 8 ounces with a convenient pump, and the baby sun screen is a full 3 ounce size (which can go on the plane with you when you travel).  All of these products are formulated on Whole Foods Premium Care ingredients which means that they are all free of Parabens, phthalates, 1,4 dioxane, sodium lauryl sulfate and harmful chemicals.  

The Shampoo and Body wash is great for the little ones.  I really gave my grandson a good head washing with this shampoo and body wash, and, with a little help from some baby oil, got all the cradle cap off his head - with no screaming either.  The Thinkbaby Shampoo and Body Wash left his bit of hair fuzzy and soft.  My daughter really loved the light citrusy scent and how it cleaned his head.

The Baby Lotion left both my of my grandchildren with wonderfully soft skin.  I tried it on myself, and loved the silky feel it left my skin.  The Thinkbaby Baby Lotion is also formulated on Whole Foods Premium Care ingredients which means that it is free of Parabens, phthalates, 1,4 dioxane, sodium lauryl sulfate and harmful chemicals.  I like that the lotion is fragrance free.

Here's one that my granddaughter just loved every single night - the Thinkbaby Bubble Bath.  My granddaughter loves taking a bath, and when she got into a tub full of bubbles, she just went after them.  It's great that the bubble bath is non-toxic as she wanted to eat the bubbles.  It was so much fun watching her playing in a tub of bubble trying to find all of her bath toys.

I would have loved to have had my grandchildren try out the Thinkbaby SPF 50+ Sunscreen, but it was just too late in the year for too much sunlight in their little area of New Jersey.  Other sunscreens for children just cannot compare to the level of safety that Thinkbaby's sunscreen, plus the tube is made of environmentally friendly packaging that does not contain BPA, vinyl, or phthalates. The packaging and contents are totally environmentally safe.  Here's why I think that this sunscreen is so wonderful:

  • First Sunscreen to pass Whole Foods Premium Care Requirements
  • Top Rated by EWG with a “1” rating in 2010, 2011, and 2012, 2013 - Baby, Beach and Sport
  • Free of biologically harmful chemicals. No Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, or UV Chemical absorbers.
  • Highest SPF 50+ (per FDA 2012 Rules - any sunscreens boasting higher are falsely marketing)
  • Highest level of Broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection (per FDA 2012 Rules)
  • Highest level of water resistance (80 minutes) (per FDA 2012 Rules)
  • Non-nano formulation – Average particle size >100micron
  • Non-aerosol formulation (High concern of both ineffectiveness and particulates being inhaled)
  • Paraben, phthalates, PABA and 1,4 dioxane free
  • Applies and absorbs easily.  Non-oily feel
  • Sunscreen produced in the USA
  • Does not have an obtrusive smell that many organic sunscreens have.
  • A member of the Safe Cosmetics Campaign Compact

Thinkbaby was created to address the growing concern of harmful chemicals in baby products.  With a team of scientists and doctors, the company approaches the creation of safe alternatives through use of relentless research testing and the Precautionary Principle.  Since Thinkbaby's launch in 2006, Thinkbaby and Thinksport have generated a healthy list of first-to-market solutions.  First 100% BPA free baby bottle line.  First, BPA free insulated sports bottle.  First sunscreen to pass Whole Foods Premium Care requirements. 

My granddaughter loves her Thinkbaby products!  Any of Thinkbaby's items would make great gifts for new or expectant parents for this holiday season.  Be sure to visit to see their entire product line.

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Disclosure: I received the above baby products from Thinkbaby in exchange for an honest review.  No compensation was received, and all opinions are my own - with a little bit of my daughter's point of view.  

Monday, November 23, 2015

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May God Bless You this Thanksgiving

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

#HolidayGiftGuide Review: Zubels Christmas Collection of Cotton Hand Knit Toys & Clothes

There is only one place I go to find the softest most darling clothes and toys for my little newborn grandson -  They only sell hand knit toys, hats and sweaters which are sure to be cherished and loved by children of all ages that are made with 100% cotton (some of that cotton yarn is organic, too).  Plus, they only use Eco-friendly low-impact dyes (no chemicals) and use only minimal packaging to reduce environmental waste.  Each and every one of their toys is hand stuffed to make them huggable and loveable.

Christmas is going to be a lot brighter for my granddaughter and grandson with these darling soft huggable toys that Zubels sent me to review.

Here's a handsome fellow!  This toy soldier in his delightful blue uniform stands tall at attention, and even has a bright smile on his face.  Being 14" tall, this knitted toy soldier is the perfect size for babies and toddlers to hold and carry around.  Zubels really paid attention to the details of this quaint little soldier from the knitted feather in his cap and rosy cheeks to the nutcracker-esque styling of his jacket and boots.

If you are looking for a cute little addition to adorn a present or as a tree ornament, then a Zubels Lil' Dimples Collection is just right for you.  This little 4" Santa Claus Lil' Dimples has a crocheted clip on the back the back which makes this Santa easy to add to a pretty present, clipping onto strollers, diaper bags, backpacks, key chains, or even for a Christmas tree ornament (confidentially, that's what I plan for my Santa Lil' Dimple).  The 4" size does make the Lil' Dimple perfect for infants to touch and feel with its bumpy crochet texture.

Make way for Ralphy the Reindeer!  Surprise a little one with a Ralphy the Reindeer rattle doll this year.  This soft and huggable 7" rattle toy will sure to delight with his big red nose, cheery face, vibrantly colored striped shirt and green pants are sure to inspire merriment and smiles for baby, as well as family members and friends.  This Zubels reindeer baby toy is suitable for infants and children of all ages. Zubels rattles make the perfect holiday or Christmas gift for babies and toddlers.  If you wish a little bigger toy, Ralphy also comes in a 12" size, and a matching Ralphy the Reindeer Sweater.

Zubels has such a cute collection of soft hand knit floppy dolls.  There's a big Christmas collection as well as some cute little animals.  All are lovingly hand knit with so much attention to detail.  Zubels tests each and every one of their dolls, and all are safety tested to exceed Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPISA) requirements.  My grandchildren do have a nice collection of these dolls now, and all are well knitted and sewn together.

There is nothing like dressing the little ones up for Christmas, and Zubels has such cute hand knit sweaters and hats.  As with their toys, their clothes are hand knitted with 100% cotton yarn and low impact dyes.  Zubels clothing and hats are perfect for fall, winter, cold weather, and even the Holidays or Christmas.  Christmas clothing is available for babies and toddlers from sizes 6 months through 4 years.

Zubels were born of a creative group working together to bring smiles to children (and to all of us). There was a need for an eco-friendly yet purposeful toy whose only requirement was a little love and imagination.  Their dolls have such subtle textures, vibrant colors and hand embroidered details spark imaginary play. Every doll has a distinct personality just like every child!  They also offer traditional, eco-friendly, hand knit accessories and apparel (0-6x).

Get 20% Off Your Order at Zubels with this coupon code:

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Disclosure: I received the products above in exchange for an honest review.  No other compensation was received, and all opinions are my own.

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