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Monday, November 2, 2015

Fun Family Christmas Movie - Shelby: A Magical Holiday Tail

My family and I are always on the hunt for new good family Christmas movies.  I recently received a fun movie that has been rated for all ages from - SHELBY.  Arriving on DVD November 3, 2015 from Anchor Bay Entertainment, SHELBY is a heartwarming family tale.

This story starts our with rescue escape artist dog, Shelby, is once again locked up in the dog pound.  When some rich spoiled kid wants him to 'adopt' Shelby for all the wrong reasons, Shelby finds the perfect escape route and runs away.  He finds safe harbor from the dogcatcher in the suburban basement of 10-year-old aspiring magician Jake Parker.  Now with the frazzled local dogcatcher, who's motivated by greed, hot on their tail, can Jake, his siblings and their visiting grandpa - who knows a thing or two about messy vacations - pull off the ultimate magic traick and rescue Shelby, making him part of the family forever?

This movie is full of some great actors.  Shelby is voiced by Rob Schneider, a stand-up comic and veteran of Saturday Night Live.  The legendary comedian, Chevy Chase, is a the audacious but loving grandfather.  The dogcatcher is played by Tom Arnold.  The role of Jake is well performed by John Paul Ruttan.

SHELBY has been rated by has safe for all ages.   The movie overall is a bit corny, but fun.  There are several innuendos uttered by Chevy Chase, but that comes as no surprise from him.  The boy, Jake, says cr*p a little too often for me, but with attitudes of today, not many people are as offended by language as what I am.  If you are unsure, them rent the movie first to see if you would like to add this to your collection.  Tom Arnold was excellent as the dogcatcher.  He really made the movie funner.  It is an okay movie and the kids liked it.  It will probably always be in our Christmas lineup of movies.

SHELBY: A Magical Holiday Tail will become available to own on DVD on November 3, 2015 at Amazon or a retailer near you.

Disclosure: I received this DVD from a PR company in hopes that I would review it on my blog.  All opinions are my own, and no other compensation was received.
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