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Monday, November 30, 2015

#HolidayGiftGuide - Elegana Premium Ceramic Kitchen Knives

My husband is quite the chef in our home.  He certainly enjoys cooking, but in order for him to cook, he likes are high quality knives for him to work with.  For him, if it isn't a well-made knife, then you have wasted your money.  All of the knives my husband likes to use are made of high carbon steel...until recently.

Here is a set of ceramic kitchen knives that has won the approval of my husband.  This is a beautiful ceramic knife set from Elegana.  My husband likes how these ceramic knives are super sharp and cut through most foods with ease.  Ceramic knives are much more lighter than you steel knife, thus lessening hand fatigue.  Plus there is a certain gleam to the blades that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Here's what this handsome set includes in its lovely gift box:
- 6" chef ceramic knife with a blue handle and lighter blue sheath to fit it;
- 5" santoku ceramic knife with a red handle and a pink sheath to fit it;
- 4" fruit ceramic knife with a yellow handle and a buttery yellow sheath to fit it;
- 3" paring ceramic knife with a green handle and a lighter green sheath to fit it;
- Multi-use ceramic peeler; and
- Polishing Microfiber Cloth

The Elegana Ceramic Knives are very easy to work with.  The handles are made to fit well in the hand and are ergonomically designed to lessen hand fatigue when you have a lot of chopping and cutting to do.  You will also find that the handles are made to keep out of your way when you are doing some fast chopping - they are smaller than the blade.  This will keep chopping smoothly and efficiently.

My husband has always preferred to work with a chef's knife above all other knives.  He believes that a chef's knife is your all-purpose knife that can do most of your chopping and cutting needs.  The Elegana Ceramic Chef's Knife, with its 6" blade, works quite well for my husband.  He says that there are times that he will want a larger blade for some foods, but 6" is a good all-around length that can handle most foods.  This ceramic chef's knife took on his pork roast and sliced it like butter giving us all a nice, but not too heavy portion.

Here's a knife that I like working with, a Santoku knife.  A Santoku knife is considered a small Japanese cleaver that is great for smaller hands to work with - like mine.  One reason to have a Santoku in the kitchen is that it can thinly slice your vegetables or give them a good dicing.  Since I am mainly the veggie preparer for my hubby, this light-weight Elegana Ceramic Santoku knife really makes my job much easier.

The 4" ceramic knife with its yellow handle will help you cut up your fruit.  Basically this knife is a large paring knife.  As with all of these knives, this 4" ceramic knife slices through fruit like its butter.  I'll be using this one soon enough as our crop of Meyer lemons will be picked very shortly.   This knife also takes on avocados like a champ.  Like all the knives, the fruit knife has a razor sharpness and it's ergonomically designed handle feels good to hold.

A paring knife is another frequently used knife in the house.  The Elegana ceramic paring knife with its green handle is perfect for peeling vegetables and fruits, but also for skinning and cutting a a clove of garlic, a pearl onion.  We also use a paring knife to cut venting holes in the top crust of a pie, or to cut fruit and vegetables to make pretty food art.  This little ceramic paring knife, too, is ultra sharp and so easy to hold.

I can't forget the peeler that comes with this set.  It does have a ceramic blade and takes the peel off potatoes, apples, whatever you need peeled lickety split.  It isn't like your regular peeler as you can only use this peeler one way.  

The peeler comes in the box ready for a right handed person.  That's great for most of the population, but I'm a lefty.  It's easy to flip the blade around, and to put it back once again.  It's definitely a nice looking peeler, and I have found that it's much easier to clean than your standard metal peeler.  You can really get into the edges.

I appreciate how easy the knives are to work with.  Chopping an onion, celery, meat, etc. becomes a quick chore because of the ultra sharpness of the knives - 2x's sharper than metal. Plus the Elegana Ceramic Knives have such a pretty shine, and will will stay sharper for a much longer period than a steel knife.

Bonus microfiber polishing cloth included

What else do I notice with this Elegana Ceramic Knife Set.  This whole set was made with stringent standards. which is a new Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) technology that creates a blade HARDER, STRONGER, and the crafted blade edges are up to 30% sharper than other ceramic blades out there on the market. They are BPA free, FDA & LFGB certified, germ resistant since the blades are non-porous, non-porous also means that they will never absorb odors from foods, and they will never rust.

The Elegana 10 Piece Premium Ceramic Knife Set with their beautiful mirror finish with ultra sharp blades comes in this beautiful gift box.  This set would make an elegant holiday gift for someone special, plus it won't break you at the bank.

Disclosure: I got this in exchange for a professional review.  No other compensation was received.  All opinions on this knife set are my own.
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