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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

BOB Revolution Pro Single Stroller Review - Guest Post

A dominant name in the jogging stroller industry, BOB has outdone itself with the BOB RevolutionPro jogging stroller, proving once again why the name commands such respect among runners.  Simply put, the Revolution Pro is an upgrade to their existing BOB Revolution SE model.  Equipped with top of the line functionality and industry leading safety features, you can be confident knowing the BOB Revolution Pro Single Stroller with enhance your workouts and let you maneuver around town with ease.

Hand Activated Rear Drum Brake

One of the top features we review on this jogging stroller that is not included in any other model is the hand­ activated rear drum brake. The hand brake is located on the handlebars and connects directly to the rear tires. When engaged, it activates drum brakes on the tires. Any runner who has experience on steep hills can tell you this is instrumental in providing an added level of safety for you and your child. While the wrist strap included in this and many other models will keep you attached to your stroller should you start to lose control, it will not give you the ability to stop the stroller. The hand brake will allow you to physically “pump the brakes” as you go downhill to prevent the stroller from getting away from you.

The feedback for this feature alone has been entirely positive. Many customers have said this feature was the deciding factor when selected the BOB Revolution Pro over other BOB models.  When running with your child, their safety is our paramount concern and BOB has noted that with the inclusion of this feature.

Adjustable, Padded Handlebar

One complaint many customers have with other models of jogging strollers is that it is not “user friendly” for running of varying heights. That is not the case with the BOB Revolution Pro as they have provided a padded, multi­positional handlebar that can be used comfortably by parents of any height. The handlebar can be adjusted into 9 different positions, from 34” up to 45” above the ground. This means parents on both ends of the spectrum (shorter or taller than average) can feel like the stroller was designed for them specifically.  Jogging strollers are often purchased to be used by multiple members of a family as well as outside help sometimes. BOB definitely took that into consideration when it designed the handlebar that can suit all people comfortably.

Product Features

The BOB Revolution Pro is such a well designed jogging stroller that the list of fabulous features included is quite long! Here are the top features included with the jogging stroller

  • Hand activated rear drum brakes for increased safety
  • 9­ position adjustable handlebar with padding is ideal for taller (or shorter!) parents
  • Wrist strap for added security when in use
  • Lower parking break will lock the stroller in place
  • Front wheel can be locked for stability or set to swivel for increased maneuverability
  • State of the art suspension system
  • Enhanced child seat with extra padding, 5 point harness and the ability to recline
  • Canopy that can be extended to added protection
  • Polymer composite wheels with pneumatic tires
  • Two ­step folding process
  • Available in three color choices: Wilderness (green), Orange and Black
  • Can become a travel system with the use of BOB B­Safe Infant Car Seat and Car Seat
  • Adapter
  • Wide variety of additional accessories available for purchase

  • Weight: 28.2 lbs.
  • Capacity: up to 70 lbs. or 44 inches
  • Rear tires: 16” and Front tire: 12.5”
  • Frame material: High strength aluminum alloy

Customer Reviews for BOB’s Revolution Pro Jogging Stroller

As of the writing of this review, I was able to find 44 customer reviews of the BOB Revolution Pro Single jogging stroller. This stroller has an average feedback score of 4.8 / 5.0 with 89% of customers giving the stroller a 5.0 / 5.0 rating. Customers have said:

“If you're looking for the best jogging stroller or even just the best all around stroller on the market, this is it.”

“The stroller has a wonderfully smooth ride and takes bumps and goes up sidewalks very gracefully.”

“It is the sturdiest stroller we’ve owned (probably 7 total!) and so well made.”

“I absolutely love the BOB and enjoy it so much whether it be on runs, walks or strolls through the mall. I have used this in mountains and on rough terrain and it's just amazing.”

Overall, the feedback on this stroller has been overwhelming positive. A few customers have noted they wished BOB would include some of the accessories as standard with the stroller.  Instead, all accessories must be purchased separately. However, there are a variety of great accessories available for this stroller, including:

  • Car Seat Adapter
  • Weather Shield
  • Single Handlebar Console (a favorite among most parents!)
  • Child Snack Tray
  • Fitness Kit

While some parents may be surprised by the high price of the BOB Revolution Pro Jogging Stroller, once you realize just how much you are getting both in functionality and safety, it becomes clear that this is one of the best options on the market. Serious runners and casual joggers alike agree that the BOB Revolution Pro provides them with an exceptionally smooth ride and the peace of mind of knowing their child is safe during their run. The hand operated rear drum brake is a feature that cannot be overlooked since it provides such a strong level of safety not found on other models. When combined with its other features, including an enhanced child seat for optimal comfort and 9-­point adjustable handlebar, the BOB Revolution Pro wins out as the jogging stroller of choice.


Disclosure: I received a small compensation to post this article.
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