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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Create an Elegant Romantic Atmosphere For Outdoor Parties - Festive Patio Lights Review

My outdoor dinner parties just became more elegant with these festive patio lights that I got deeply discounted for an honest review.  These lights make it feel like we recreated an Italian Tuscan landscape right at our own home!

Even though it is a bit cold out right now, spring and summer are just around the corner, and outdoor parties will once again be in full swing.  When we would have guests over, I have always wondered how I can make the patio have a more elegant atmosphere.  My guessing is over as I now have the perfect way to create a more ambient backdrop for my parties with these Festive Party Lights.

Our dinner parties that we host are usually small get-togethers with just another family that comes over to visit.  We have a nice outdoor patio that is perfect for entertaining our guest, but the lighting has never been right.  We just have some floodlights that can really pierce the eyes, but we needed something to light it up.  We will never use those floodlights again when we have guest over.  These lights make a soft lighted setting that is perfect for entertaining guests.

One of the most important qualities of these Festive Patio Lights is that they are set on a commercial quality 48-foot block rubber weather proof cord that is made of an all-rubber durable construction, which means that it is super heavy duty. (14 AWG gauge wire).  There are 15 weatherproof light sockets that are set about 3 feet apart with molded rubber around them.  These are string along lights with a maximum of nine stings of lights you can put together.

This light set comes with 21 Bulbs that are individually packaged to keep them safe during shipping.  Since there are only 15 light sockets on the string, this means they give you an extra 6 bulbs for just in case a bulb goes out on you.  There are sweet old fashioned looking bulbs, E26/E27 bulbs, that give such an old world feel.  They also come with an extra bonus - a 13 foot weatherproof extension cord.

These lights do come with a 10 year unconditional guarantee.  Festive Patio Lights stand behind their products and want you to be happy.  If you are not 100% satisfied, they will work to make you happy.

If you would like to redefine your outdoor areas with brilliant canopies of light, get at least one set of the Festive Patio Lights today.  These lights are easy to put up as each light has its own built-in loop that can be hooked up or even have a steel cable threaded through.  These lights will create perfect events and everlasting memories!

Disclosure: I received the festive patio lights to review at a deeply discounted price.  All opinions are my own.  No other compensation was received.
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